Mail Call for 12/29

December 29, 2000

Mail Call for 12/29

"I'd like to wish my wife a happy New Year and many more to come from your beloved husband, forever and ever, amen. Love you forever, Dave. You are a wonderful wife and I love you, baby, and you have a happy New Year and many more to come."

"These are the neighbors at Lakeside Park on Berwick Court who want to give credit to the men from Allegheny Power, who worked on our electric Friday night to get our electric back on. They did us a fantastic job. This is Mrs. Lovelace. Thank you."

"Last Friday, Dec. 22, at 3:10 p.m., I was hit by a black mid-to-full-sized car that was driving on the wrong side of the road on Rench Road between Sharpsburg and Downsville Pikes. That vehicle then fled the scene without stopping to see if I or my child were injured. That is considered a hit-and-run, and if you are - or know of - the driver of that vehicle, please do the honorable thing and make it right. It will cost my family about $400 in deductibles and rental car fees to pay for your irresponsibility. Why were you driving on the wrong side of the road? You would have hit me head-on despite my lights and horn blowing to get your attention, perhaps even killed my child. Please call 301-739-8265. Be a good citizen. Thank you."


"Hello. Could someone please help a homeless man with no legs. We're looking for just a room. He only gets Social Security; he can pay a small amount of rent. We tried Social Services and the housing authorities. If you can, or if you know of anybody that would be willing to help him, he just needs a room to live in - an efficiency room. He can help himself a little bit. Please leave your number and we'll call. Thank you."

"Concerning the article about 11-year-old Matt Payne that appeared in the Dec. 15 newspaper, I would like to thank all the citizens of Washington County that responded with notes, gifts and other means of support and also to Lowe's for all they have done. Thanks, everyone."

"Want to know the best Christmas decoration I saw this year? It wasn't some private home with thousands of lights. It's a single, solitary tree that's lit up on top of the Hub Plaza building that's being constructed on Eastern Boulevard. That's the decoration that lifted my heart."

- Boonsboro

"Yes, I'm responding to the Dear Santa ad. To the young lady that said I was very rude and if I had nothing nice to say, don't say anything. Well, for one, I speak and say what's on my mind. And for two, I'm not the one that needs a man, you do. And for three, you don't have to feel sorry for the person in my life. We're just alike, we say what's on our mind. People just doesn't like to hear the truth. So, you say you never needed weight watchers. Well then, you obviously have bad hair, or you need makeup tips, girl. I'm the one that feels sorry for you."

"We found a set of keys to a Ford vehicle in the parking lot at Pharmhouse on Saturday evening. If anybody lost them, we turned them in to the counter at Pharmhouse. Thank you."

"In regards to the message about police officers not caring and not pulling people over when they do something wrong - if they are going to work or if they are out of uniform or off duty - they are not allowed to pull anybody over. I just wanted to let everybody know that I have a relative that is a police officer, and unless they are on duty, which is usually only an eight-hour period, they are not allowed to pull anyone over. Thanks."

"Hi. I'd like to congratulate three young men in Washington County that made the all-state soccer team for the state of Maryland. There's never been a word mentioned in the paper. Just like always, it's all football. Congratulations to the two boys from North High and the one from Williamsport. It was well-deserved."

"I've been reading in the paper, in Mail Call, about this Dear Santa ad, about this young lady that - she put in the paper - that she needs a man. There's something wrong when a young lady has to put a ad in the paper in order to get herself a man. What's this world, you know, coming to? You know, it's just outrageous."

"Someone was wondering why the churches didn't do anything about the drugs in town. Maybe I'm missing something. I thought the police were the ones to take care of this problem."

- Hagerstown

"I'm looking at the list of county office closings for the holiday, Jan. 1, on page A2, and I don't see the Washington County Landfill listed at all, so, I guess it's open. I think the county does a poor job of letting the public know when the landfill is closed. Every holiday there's cars that come to the landfill gate and turn around and go back home because there's not enough notice given. Thank you."

"Attention Greenbrier Elementary parents and staff: I'm calling to make you aware that my pocketbook was stolen from my vehicle on Friday, Dec. 22, at 4:30 p.m. We feel we know who did it, and they are being watched. It is suggested that the purse be returned to school property. Although the money is long gone, the contents of the purse are of no value to the person who took it. It only has value to me. I hope you had a Merry Christmas with my money. Anyone with additional information about this, please contact the principal. By doing so, maybe future incidents can be prevented. Let's keep Greenbrier a safe place for all."

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