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Mail Call for 12/27

December 29, 2000

Mail Call for 12/27

"The mayor and the people in Funkstown do not want the Wal-Mart because of the traffic going in their little town. What about all the traffic going through Clear Spring's Main Street to Whitetail. I go through Funkstown every day and I see about four taverns with beer trucks blocking the streets. I guess it is okay to cater to the drunks and beer drinkers. Get rid of the mayor and maybe we could get some nice stores in this end of town."

"Someone called into Mail Call about getting our facts straight on the animal control laws and what the County Commissioners were going to ask the delegation to get made into a law. That would be a very nice thing to get the facts on exactly what it is the animal control group has asked for and exactly what it is the county commissioners have asked for."


"Thanks to who ever put the Alpo at my door in Potomac Towers for my cats. We appreciate it. Merry Christmas to everyone."

"I want to wish my son, Curtis, a Merry Christmas, and I love him very much. Love, Mom."

"I want to wish Kim a very Merry Christmas, and I love her very much."

"We would like to thank our neighbors, Joan and Blaine, for all their kindness throughout the year and, especially, here at Christmas for their beautiful Christmas presents."

"What a wonderful article in Friday, Dec. 22, about Frank Rhinehart's Auto Sales. I did not know that he was that kind of person. He seems to be like a Christian person, describing the true meaning of Christmas. I will tune into that when I ride by there. I bought a van from Frank when he first started there. That thing has been a wonderful old van and it is still going. We will be back when it wears out."

"I would like to thank the parents of the Western Heights children, who walk to and from school, for not teaching their children any respect or consideration for others. My yard is not a playground, nor is it trash dump for you to throw your trash into. My yard is not a sled-riding area. It is private property. Please teach your children to stay out of other people's yards."

"I want to wish my husband, Dave, a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I love you, from all of my heart, Brenda."

"I would like to wish a Merry Christmas to Harold, John, Larry and Charlie, from Norma."

"Doesn't anyone else find it odd that in the state of Maryland, that they are starting to ban smoking in outdoor public areas. We said this would happen. All you people who said that this would never happen, being in outdoors is different than being indoors. Well, as usual, the government does not know when to stop. How can you honestly ban someone from sitting in an open-air park, smoking a cigarette? What about all these trucks that blow that black smoke into the air? You can't tell me that my cigarette smoke is worse than these trucks polluting the air."

"To the person who said that they did not work for the city and county. Well, I did back in the '80s and I know what goes on behind closed doors. I am not jealous. I do volunteer work, use my own car and gas. That is how I see all the county vehicles being used for their own use. Evidently, you don't have to pay the property taxes or sewer bills. It sounded like a child that called Mail Call, not an adult. If you don't work for the city or county, why did you call?"

"I am calling in reference to all the people who call into Mail Call who wish people Merry Christmas and happy birthdays, or looking for a boyfriend. There are different sections in the paper for that kind of stuff. You need to spend some money and put it in those sections instead of wasting Mail Call's space."

"I would like to find out what is put in the ultra skim milk that lets a white scum in the bottom of your cup when you put it in coffee?"

- Hancock

"I am the young lady who put in about the Dear Santa ad. I wanted to respond to the uneducated response regarding the weight watchers comment. I don't need to go to weight watchers and even if I did, that was very rude comment to say. In life, if you don't have anything nice to say, then don't say it at all. I feel sorry for the person you have in your life."

"I often wonder why I see the police officers in this county watch people run red lights and do dumb things and not do anything about it. Four times so far, I have sat at a red light and seen people running red lights with police officers sitting at the same intersection and they just turn their heads away. There you go, people die and you don't care? Start giving these people tickets and maybe some of this will be stopped."

"People that park in the handicapped spaces, they jump out of their car and run into the stores. That is not nice. Also, at Sam's, they get in the electric carts and drive through the store, but yet they walked from their car to the store. People must not think about what they do."

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