Letters to the Editor 12/29

December 27, 2000

Letters to the Editor 12/29

Thanks, Julie Greene, for your story on ISP's

To the editor:

As co-owners of Aufait Communications, Garnet Harris and I thank Julie

Greene for her recent article entitled, "Price, service a key to ISP's."

In addition, we appreciate her mentioning Aufait Communications.

We have been serving the folks of Washington County since 1996 and have found that without exception our customers appreciate Garnet's expert technical assistance and patience.

In an age when service and support are scarce, our attention to both has been of paramount importance to us and our customers. As a result, over the years we have gained many customers who have come to us from other providers. So, it is our steadfast opinion that service and support are key to being a satisfying internet service provider.


Location is another factor that is too often overlooked. When an ISP is local and within arm's reach of users, there is usually a better chance for the user to be able to make contact with the ISP and to be better served.

While this does not always apply, the user may be certain that if he/she is able to contact an ISP within a reasonable amount of time, or if calls are returned within a reasonable amount of time, then it will most likely follow that the service will be exemplary.

Cost should always be considered but in balance with what the user if looking for. While Julie Green's article suggests, "A good price for unlimited monthly access is around $20......." the user should always ask about all payment options available.

All ISP's have their own rates, and it serves the user well to ask about all the fees involved. For instance, is there a set -up fee, what is the cost for technical support, etc.). And, as Ms. Greene suggests ,comparison shopping as with any purchase is important.

And, finally, a word about "unlimited access." "Unlimited" is a misnomer.

The technically correct term is "unmetered," i.e. the ISP does not charge by the connection time. Every ISP has policies that prohibit a dialup user from camping on the line 24 hours a day, seven days a week when they are not actively using the computer.

Some, e.g. AOL, will pop up a window every half hour. If you don't click on the window within a certain period of time, they will disconnect you. Aufait Communications offers unlimited interactive use; hence, our policy is to automatically disconnect the modem if a user's line is inactive for 20 minutes. Users should also ask about this policy when shopping for access.

Again, we thank Julie Greene and The Herald-Mail for publishing this important and timely information.

Lou and Garnet Harris


Citizens should attend raceway meet Jan. 16

To the editor:

As a long-time property owner in the village of Summit Point, I have an interest in the proposals brought before the Jefferson County Planning Commission concerning the Summit Point Raceway.

For years, the Summit Point community and surrounding areas have co-existed with the raceway and have maintained an amicable relationship. However, noise levels and traffic have been escalating over the years due to the increase in the number of events scheduled there each year.

Thus, the recent proposals brought before the Planning Commission have caused some of us in the community and in neighboring Clarke County to take notice of the possibility of a third track being built, a housing unit and restaurant being added and a rezoning from agricultural to commercial/industrial use.

The Planning Commission has agreed to hold a special meeting on Tuesday, Jan. 16, to listen to input from the community, both for and against the various proposals. I urge those of you in the area to attend this meeting to assess for yourself what impact raceway expansion would have on the community.

I also wish to thank the Planning Commission for holding this special meeting and giving residents and nearby property owners the opportunity to state their views.

Susan Gentry

Summit Point, W.Va.

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