Planner, 25, seeks seat on City Council

December 27, 2000|By DAN KULIN /Staff Writer

Planner, 25, seeks seat on City Council

Kristin B. Aleshire, a Hagerstown native and planner for the towns of Middletown and Myersville in Frederick County, Md., is running for a seat on the Hagerstown City Council.

Aleshire, 25, said he's running because he wants to be involved in shaping Hagerstown's future.

"I am young ... But I'm very, very passionate about Hagerstown and I don't plan on leaving," Aleshire said Wednesday.

"If I wait 15 years to get involved I don't know what voice I will have. If I get involved now I'll have a voice," he said.

"I have a desire to be in a leadership role in the city I know I'm going to build a life in, and it's more difficult to do that from the outside looking in."

Aleshire, a Democrat, resides at 745 Guilford Ave.

During the past year, he has attended some City Council and City Planning Commission meetings, and has written several letters to the editor at The Herald-Mail on topics including a new Hagerstown baseball stadium, a proposed Wal-Mart and the planned downtown university center.


Aleshire opposed recent plans to build a new baseball stadium. He said the necessary public support for the project doesn't seem to be there and city leaders should move on to other projects.

He said if stadium supporters could show significant private contributions that could sway his opinion on the matter. Aleshire said he favors making some improvements to the existing Municipal Stadium.

Aleshire also opposes plans for a new Wal-Mart along Edgewood Drive. He agreed with the City Planning Commission's reasons for turning down the plan, which included improper zoning and the expected negative impact on surrounding roads the traffic from such a store would bring.

Aleshire had previously warned that a downtown university center would not have enough room to grow, but now that the decision has been made to locate the center downtown, he said he supports the plan and a proposal to add parking and open space around the center.

Aleshire supports a Greater Hagerstown Committee plan to spend about $4.4 million to demolish several buildings to make room for more open space, parking and wider alleys around the center.

He said he also supports a proposed $10.2 million Visual and Performing Arts Center near The Maryland Theatre in downtown Hagerstown.

Aleshire grew up in Hagerstown and graduated from South Hagerstown High School in 1993. He graduated from Salisbury State University in 1998.

This is his first time running for elected office.

Former City Councilmen Ira P. Kauffman Jr. and Larry Vaughn, both Democrats, have also filed as council candidates for the 2001 city election. The candidate filing deadline is Jan. 26.

The city primary election is March 13, and the general election is May 15.

Council members are paid $8,000 a year.

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