Mail Call for 12/21

December 21, 2000

Mail Call for 12/21

"In regards to the Board of Education being able to run school buses cheaper than contractors, I would like for someone to tell me the time when the government has ever done anything cheaper than a private business person."

"I would like to extend a very special thank you to Greg Ernst of Ernst Market and all of his volunteers for the wonderful Christmas dinner that was served to the Clear Spring area residents at Mount Calvary last Wednesday. Also for all the carry-out dinners that were served to shut-ins and people around the area. It was fantastic, thanks very much."

"I want to leave a message for the people who seem to be in a hurry, especially in bad weather. I don't appreciate people being in a hurry. It is very dangerous to follow closely behind someone. When the weather is bad like this again, please take your time. Leave early and leave a distance between each vehicle. Also, clean the snow off your car so you can see."


"I want to wish James a Merry Christmas. From Norma."

"At the next election, I think we, the citizens of Funkstown, should replace all the elected officials that represent Funkstown or should I say, 'don't represent Funkstown.' We need a Wal-Mart here in Funkstown. We have too many bars and we have a strip joint. It seems like that is the only thing the mayor is concerned about, a bunch of drunks running around Funkstown. We need a new mayor and new officials that will stand for and represent the citizens of Funkstown. We need a new Wal-Mart."

"The person that was looking for the Zip codes in the new phone books. Look at the end of the business section in the new book. there is a section called Washington County Community Interest. Turn to page 4 and 5 of this section and you will find the Zip codes."

"If anyone wants to see a bright smile or friendly voice or just to brighten up your day, stop by the McDonald's on Northern Avenue in the mornings. That crew in there is wonderful."

"In regards to Tuesday's snowfall. The weatherman is the only one that gets paid to broadcast or predict it wrong and then gets paid to do it again. Double play."


"Does anyone have the Fisher Price 3-in-1 arcade that they have sitting around being unused? We need a few parts for ours and I was wondering if we could buy those from someone. My number is 301-745-6433. It has pinball, basketball and skee ball."

"I love how The Herald-Mail has changed their employment page on the Internet. It is much better. I enjoy getting The Herald-Mail online. What a fine job on what you did, it is a lot better, easier to scan, easier to read."

"I am a 22-year-old male from Boonsboro. I attend college near Chattanooga, Tenn., but I will be home for Christmas this weekend. I am a huge Tampa Bay Buccaneer fan. I want to watch the Green Bay-Tampa Bay football game on Sunday. I am well aware that the Redskins will be televised locally. Is there a good location with satellite coverage in the Hagerstown area to watch the game? Buccaneers rule. Merry Christmas."

"To the person that was looking for Dream Products Inc. I just ordered something from them. The address is Distribution Center, Van Nuys, Calif. 91496."

"I was pleased to see that someone called about getting Fox News Channel in our area. I have called the cable company numerous times about getting it. Nationally, the Fox News' rating has surpassed CNN and MSNBC and we still don't get it here. Why?"

"To the people who are worried about losing the country music station 95.9. When it does change and you are looking for a really good country music station, you can tune into Kiss Country, 94.3 in Greencastle."

"Thanks for the speed bumps on Dual Highway. Only one problem, they are not high enough."

"I am calling in regards to Nancy who lives on Frederick Street in Hagerstown. If anyone wants to see some beautiful Christmas lights and decorations, Nancy has done a terrific job. Nancy, I would give you money if you could do that every year."

"Merry Christmas to the Pecks. Thanks so much for getting our papers delivered to us Tuesday night even after your accident. We really appreciate your dedication and loyalty."

"To the county or roads department, Tuesday night around 10 p.m., I noticed that Spickler Road and Broadfording Road and Hicksville Road still had not been plowed. But yet, between Spickler Road and Huyetts Crossroads, I noticed six snow plows. The one was behind the tavern with its plow down plowing the parking lot and spreading salt. I see this is really important to the taxpayers."

"We were in the Food Lion Parking lot on Eastern Boulevard. A person coming up Eastern Boulevard from Dual Highway, fishtailing in the snow, jumped the curb came through the parking lot and hit us in our white Plymouth Voyager minivan. He hit us in the rear, did a U-turn and went down Eastern Boulevard and went back out on Dual Highway. It was a hit-and- run. All we know is that it was a light blue car. If anyone has any information, please contact the Washington County Sheriff's Department or the Hagerstown City Police."

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