Kids' perspectives on the true meaning of Christmas

December 21, 2000

Kids' perspectives on the true meaning of Christmas


Three days and counting.

The long wait in shopping lines and for presents is almost over.

Is that all there is?

What's Christmas all about, Charlie Brown?

We asked some Potomac Heights Elementary School students to share their thoughts on the true meaning of Christmas. They spoke simply and sincerely.

We appreciate and offer their thoughts along with our good wishes for the warmest of holidays.

- Kate Coleman, Staff Writer

What is the true meaning of Christmas?

Second grade

"Giving. It's a time for giving presents. ... To honor the joy of people."


- Marley Mazzara, 7

Second grade, Mrs. Catherman

"I think it means, like, love and Jesus' birthday."

- Chase Bachtell, 7

Second grade, Ms. Conrad

"I think it began because the Lord loved the world. Christmas is all about giving. Christmas is about loving and caring about everybody, and I think that's what Christmas is all about."

- Becky Gossard, 7

Second grade, Mrs. Catherman


- Taira Fowler, 7

Second grade, Ms. Conrad

Third grade

"Christmas is about giving each other stuff, about caring about each other, about Jesus' birthday."

- Maria Dattilio, 8

"I thought it was about Jesus' birthday."

- Marlee Nelson, 8

"Getting your family together and having fun and exchanging gifts."

- Chelsea Kaylor, 9

"It's Jesus' birthday."

- Drew Gamby, 8

Third grade, Mrs. Domenico

Fourth grade

"It's fun, and you get to go to other people's houses and celebrate, and you get lots of presents."

- Devin Guzzetta, 9

Fourth grade, Mrs. Martin

"Why it's a holiday? - because it's Jesus' birthday. The family gets together."

- Joe Blackwood, 9

Fourth grade, Mrs. Gladhill

"It's about getting together with your family and giving presents and clothes to the poor."

- Olivia Gregory, 9

Fourth grade, Mrs. Rishell

"I think it's about spending time with your family. I don't think it's about giving presents and stuff."

- Siara Gaylord, 9

Fourth grade, Mrs. Martin

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