Letters to the Editor 12/23

December 21, 2000

Letters to the Editor 12/23

Mayor to city: Looking good

To the editor:

As I've traveled through the streets of Hagerstown during this holiday season, I couldn't help but notice all of the beautiful holiday decorations adorning both residences and businesses. I'd like to thank all of those who live and/or work in Hagerstown for their contribution to the beautification of our fine city throughout the year and particularly during the holidays.

I am certain that it is evident to our city's visitors and neighbors that we are a community that takes pride in our appearance and is exuberated by the spirit of the season. Best wishes to all for a Happy Holiday and a healthy and prosperous New Year.

Mayor Robert E. Bruchey II

City of Hagerstown

Why not tax the lawyers?

To the editor:

Just a few thoughts arising from the Scott Butki story of Dec. 15, "Officials mull how to spend hotel tax."


Since the intended project for the money is stalled, how about repealing the tax? I think it would be an inspiring sight and noble act for the elected leaders who imposed the tax to pay for what is clearly not a project deserving of tax dollars to correct their error. Simply repeal the tax. You would long be admired by voters and would have a great issue for your next campaign: "Read my lips, I repealed a tax!" You so-called conservatives and Republicans should see the wisdom in this.

If, however, you are unable to bring yourselves to do the right thing, then at least use the money in support of "tourism." Why not spend it to help upgrade the facilities at the Hagerstown Raceway and the Mason Dixon Dragway or some other similar ventures. I am sure that the owner/operators of those businesses could think of many things that could be done to make attendance at their events more enjoyable.

After all, auto racing is a booming business while the same cannot be said of baseball. Fans come into the area regularly throughout the season and patronize local hotels and motels and restaurant to go racing. Why not help them out?

The last thing that should be done is to spend it on improvements to the District Court building. A courthouse could hardly be called a tourist attraction. I doubt that anyone comes into the area to be entertained there.

If some additional money is needed for other improvements there, why not get the money from those who use it? Impose a tax on the profits of the lawyers who practice there - making sure, of course, that they can't pass it along to their clients. And why not impose a litigation fee on all cases that come before the court? Make it a loser-pays fee, maybe $100-200 per case. Such a fee could serve two purposes.

It will provide money for the needed improvements and might serve as an incentive to reduce the workload by encouraging more cases to be settled out of court.

Hagerstown and Washington County elected officials, make us proud of you!

Edward L. James


Many thanks

To the editor:

Waynesboro Area Human Services wishes to thank the following businesses and organizations for their generosity at Thanksgiving. Thanks to these groups, we were able to feed more than 200 individuals at our Thanksgiving dinner at the Evangelical Lutheran Church and through our home meals program. They are John Wallace's Kitchen, the Elks Club, The Moose Club, the Waynesboro New Agency, McDonalds, the Eagles Club, Savoy Catering, the American Legion, the Owls Club, the Parlor House Restaurant, Mountain Gate Restaurant, Henicle's Market, Martin's Foods, Jubilee Foods, Quincy United Methodist Church and Five Forks Church.

Also, Above the Rest Florists, the Waynesboro Senior Center, the Velvet Caf, the Waynesboro Country Club, Dairy Queen, Paul's Country Market, Brownie Troop 865, Girl Scout Jr. Troop 971, Girl Scout Troop 868, Trinity Pre-School, Evangelical Lutheran Church, AMP employees and Rouzerville Ruritans.

Also, Sysco Food Services of Central Pa., Schenck Food Co. Inc., Shenandoah Foods Inc., Butter Krust Baking Co., and Cowlick's Orchard.

And we would like to send our thanks to all the individuals who volunteered their time or donated pies, breads, cakes and fruit. We could not have done it without them.

A special thanks to Marshall Shumann, Janet Smedley, Pastor Bill Shank, Pastor Ray Kipe, Rick Cook, Dave Wagner, Caroline Mack and Jack Fitzgerald for all their help and patience.

Susan Brall

Waynesboro Human

Services Council

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