Mail Call for 12/19

December 19, 2000

Mail Call for 12/19

Editor's note - A call to Mail Call last Thursday about Dr. Edson Moody retiring was a bit premature, he said. He called us to say that while he's sure the caller meant well, his office is still open on Mount Aetna Road.

"I am calling about the mailboxes out here at Lakeside. I am a handicapped person and wheelchair bound. They moved my mailbox, four blocks, a quarter mile from my home. Can anyone help us out here at Lakeside and get our mailboxes put back where they belong?"

"A reward is offered to the witnesses who witnessed a truck hitting an automobile at the intersection of East Washington Street and Cannon Avenue on Saturday afternoon, Nov. 18. Call Ray at 301-791-2932."

"I wish the Post Office would put back the mailbox that they took away from County Market. If they don't want to do this, how about a bigger parking lot at the main Post Office on Franklin Street. There is no place to park, most of the time. They keep raising the postage, but the public does not benefit from it. What are they doing with this money anyway?"


"Would someone call Mail Call and tell me where in the telephone directory can I find the zip codes. In the directory, they charge you a few dollars to call the operator to find out something. I like the old version of the phone book."

"Someone asked a question in Mail Call on how this election thing became such a civil rights issue with Jesse Jackson. I can tell you why, Jesse Jackson is never going to be satisfied. He wants publicity. If there is nothing there to stir up, he is going to think of it. That is how he got his nose in it once again. I tell you, my family are Democrats, but Bush won the election. Why doesn't everyone stop whining and go ahead with things. After all, the Republicans probably are stronger than the Democrats. The Democrats cater to everyone but the straight Americans."

"So, Virginia, there really is a Santa Claus, then let him build us a Wal-Mart in Hancock. Since Funkstown doesn't want one or need one. Thank you."


"A liberal called and said that they watched two trials on TV, one was O.J. Simpson and the other was the 2000 election. In both of these cases there was no justice. How do we know that he was a liberal caller? He didn't mention the one in between - Bill Clinton."

"To the one who asked a question on how this election thing became a civil rights issue addressing Jesse Jackson and saying that he was out of date. If he is out of date, this entire country is out of date. How? Well, when you are intimidated when the polls are closed before you are allowed to vote, which most of the blacks were, that has been proven. Why wouldn't that be a civil right? If it wasn't, it should and I hope it goes to court."

"I see you Democrats are still whining. Probably because you lost $1,000 per child that Gore promised you, out of my pocket."

"I want to say that anyone that seeks the presidency in the future. You don't need to go and campaign in all 50 states, all you have to do is go and campaign in front of the Supreme Court building. That is your best chance in winning."

"I need help to repair a Panasonic KXF 50 fax machine. The alarm light is on. I fed too many items in when I was sending something and it caused it to stop working. The alarm light is on and it won't work anymore. I need help, got any ideas call me at 301-791-7417."

"The delegation raised the motel and hotel tax mostly to finance the new stadium. Here is an idea, lower the tax. Instead of arguing about how to spend the tax, let the citizens keep it."

"This Christmas message is for 11-year-old Matt Payne, who was written up in the paper on Friday, Dec. 15. Good for you, Matt. I am proud of you. You said it all when they asked you 'How do you do it?' you said, 'I don't know, I just try.' Keep trying!"

"To the mayor, you want Hagers-town to clean up its streets, but nobody from the SPCA or city will come and get a dead animal lying in the street if it is after hours."

"I am answering a Dear Santa that was in Mail Call on Friday, Dec. 15. She leaves no phone number and no way of getting in touch with her. I am going to leave my number with her on a confidential basis, 301-432-5598. If I am not home, the answering service will answer for me."

"I am looking for an old Nintendo, the very first ones they made. If anyone has one to sell, I would like to have it for my son. He went through his closet and found all his old cartridges and now that is all he is asking for, for Christmas. I have been to pawn shops and I cannot locate one. My number is 301-797-0796. I would really appreciate this. Merry Christmas to all."

"Last week when the wind was blowing, my flag with antique Santa and polar bear blew away in the area of Sharpsburg Pike and St. James Village. Size, 29 inches by 43. If found, please return to 9830 Sharpsburg Pike or leave a phone number in Mail Call and I will call and pick up. Thank you."

"Does anyone know anything about USAA and if you do, call 301-791-0035."

"Wonderful Thanksgiving and Christmas present, the VEIP emissions has already jumped to $14 instead of $12. Leave it to the wonderful state to keep charging us more and more every day."

"Does anyone know if any of the banks in Hagerstown make the gifts out of money?"

"Does anyone have the address or phone number for a company by the name of Dream Products, Inc.?"

"Attention, country WYII listeners, we are losing the greatest country music station in our Tri-State area. Do something now to save our radio station that has served the area so well for over 25 years. Call 1-304-263-8868, ext. 308 and tell the management and owners that you will continue to support WYII only if they keep it country."

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