Letters to the Editor 12/19

December 18, 2000

Letters to the Editor 12/19

A pro-coconut cookie judge

To the editor:

I find it painful to acknowledge this but the truth of the matter is this: Tim is right! How anyone can judge a cookie contest without eating the entire cookie (and even an extra if the actual rating is in question) is beyond comprehension.

The full texture, how the palate is affected, the aromatic experience, aftertaste, how it complements various liquids - none of these can be adequately judged on a partial cookie.

There is however one problem. With an anti-coconut bias the entire range of cookies cannot possibly be fairly judged. Someone with the same scruples about the entire cookie but without the coconut problem should be found - tough, but not impossible - I've got it - ME!


Tim, call me for the next contest.

Gary L Wright


Offer Bush your prayers

To the editor:

As is often the case when a hard fought battle is won, the conquerors are tempted to sit back and take it easy. I want to urge all Americans to increase their prayers for George W. Bush now that he has been elected president.

He needs our prayers and vocal support more now than ever before. He is entering an environment where people of faith are treated with antagonism, the unborn are under attack and liberalism abounds. To be a conservative Republican is not popular where he treads.

Though I too was growing weary with the recounts, I applaud Gore's considerate concession.

Let's not shift back into neutral and go back to "business as usual."

The Bush administration needs are affirmation, prayers, letters and support. Stay infomed about political issues. Stay involved. Stay vocal. Always express your views with kindness. Be bold, but be gentle.

Jesus said we should be wise as serpents and harmless as doves.

The White House will not solve our problems, only the Gospel of Jesus Christ can cure these evils, but we do have a Christian responsibility to pray for our leaders. Don't slack up!

John Miller

Pastor, Faith Christian Fellowship


Courts exist to protect rights

To the editor:

We should not worry about what other countries are saying about what is going on with our election. Rather, we are letting the world know what a democracy is all about.

Both candidates worked very hard to be elected and if there are any shenanigans taking place, we as Americans can protest and let our government know we are not going to take it; we are going to protest. We have that privilege to take it to the highest court if necessary.

There are countries where the people have no rights at all. The rulers rule and the people's will is suppressed. I don't think that either candidate should concede if their rights are violated.

Furthermore, every person eligible to vote, regardless of race, creed or color who are American citizens should not have their right to vote taken from them.

The election boards in all 50 states have had four years to correct whatever flaws existed in previous election years. They have not done so. What does that mean, that the voters should be punished for their incompetence?

I did not vote for either candidate but speaking for and as an American - fair is fair.

I am very surprised that there is not a criteria, whereby a candidate for president of the United States, must serve at least two years in the House and two years in the Senate.

With this amount of experience a candidate would have knowledge of all that is going on in all 50 states, not just his own state. Furthermore, he would be informed as to what is going on internationally.

In this country anyone who has financial backing can run. What does an actor or a wrestler or entrepreneur know about these important aspects?

Rita Moler


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