Catoctin already a step ahead of last season

December 09, 2000

Catoctin already a step ahead of last season

By ADELINE STAEBLER / Staff Correspondent

THURMONT - Catoctin's wrestling team went into every dual meet last year down by 36 points. The Cougars, who only had six varsity wrestlers, went the entire season without a dual meet win.

This season got off to a much better start Friday when Catoctin defeated Thomas Johnson 48-36 in the opening round of the Catoctin Duals.

"(The win) was good, a long time coming and my kids work really hard and I think they deserved this," Catoctin coach Mike Telemeco said. "I have six of seven kids returning from last year, they've been working hard for me for two years with no reward last year. So for them to come out in the first match this year and beat a solid team like TJ, it's nice."

Eight Catoctin wrestlers had pins to lead the Cougars. After their victory, Telemeco had to shave his beard.


"I had started growing a beard and I had told a story of my old head coach who had only shaved his beard 3 times, for state championships," Telemeco said.

"My kids didn't like my beard to begin with, so then there's little Todd Adkins, 'Well, can we shave your head?' so I said no, you can't shave my head. Somebody else piped up, 'Can we shave your face if we win?'"

"So I'm thinking that I'm shaving my face, but in actuality they all wanted a swipe at it, so everyone on my team got a swipe on my face."

HEIGHT="6" ALT="* "> Walkersville defeated Frederick 64-18 in their match, getting nine pins in the process.

"We knew pretty much we'd take it to Frederick, we scouted them and they didn't show us anything," Walkersville coach Bryan Biehl said. "There were some weight classes that we were short, but we teach basic skills, we teach strength and conditioning and basic wrestling and intensity that's what wins the matches."

"I wasn't expecting a blow-out, but our guys went out and wrestled tough," Jason Gladhill, a senior captain for Walkersville, said. "I want (the team) to take first, I want to finish in first place, it's going to be tough, but I want to place first."

HEIGHT="6" ALT="* "> Middletown defeated Brunswick 77-12 in the first round in a rematch from only a day before.

"I think it was more difficult for (Brunswick), they're a first-year team and they're stepping up first year wrestling varsity, that's difficult. But they seem to be accepting the challenge very well," Middletown coach Jim Schartner said. "For us I think it was to our advantage because we had already won one match against them. Our guys have wrestled and are experienced and they can handle that kind of pressure more than a new team."

The Knights had nine pins to lead their victory over Brunswick.

The Catoctin Duals, which mark the opening weekend of the wrestling season in Frederick County, include seven of eight Frederick County high schools as well as Edmondson High School from Baltimore City.

"We love it because every wrestler gets the chance to wrestle and they don't get eliminated," Walkersville coach Bryan Biehl said. "In a dual tournament, you wrestle all the schools and everyone gets the chance to wrestle, win or lose."

Catoctin Duals

Catoctin 48, Thomas Johnson 36

103 - Shawn Overzat (C) by forfeit; 112 - Todd Adkins (C) p. Terrence Meyers, :20; 119 - Joe Caudle (C) p John Thomas, 2:54; 125 - Chris Workman (T) p Rick Toms, 1:18; 130 - Zach Ausherman (C) p Brad Smith, 4:59; 135 - Ian Simon (C) p Tim Raymond, :36; 140 - Andrew McClung (T) by forfeit; 145 - Billy Jenkins (C) p Justin Rodgers, :22; 152 - Nathan Ryder (C) p Clay Comer, 4:43; 160 - Mark Esmont (T) p Ben Boals, 1:15; 171 - Derek Fogle (C) p Jason Foster, 1:38; 189 - Joe Esmont (T) p Ricky Hawkins, 1:17; 215 - Dan Ellis (T) p Kyle Noland, 1:17; 275 - Beau Bailey (T) p Geoff Boals, 2:23.

Middletown 77, Brunswick 12

103 - Dave Carroll (B) by forfeit; 112 - Mike Leveille (B) p Andrew Johnson, 2:32; 119 - Mike Schlepp (M) p Travis Issacs, 1:17; 125 - Peter Beutler (M) p Scott Hale, 3:26; 130 - Sean O'Keefe (M) p Rob Gunther, 2:57; 135 - Nick Schlepp (M) p Greg Howell, 1:26; 140 - Ryan McQuillen (M) p Trey Coates, 1:12; 145 - Brandon Keller (M) MD Ronnie Grill, 17-4; 152 - Andrew Nicklas (M) p Justin Roberts, 1:00; 160 - Colin Blair (M) TF Dan Wigfield, 18-2; 171 - Dan McCallion (M) p Tim Weddle, 1:56; 189 - Matt Staub (M) by forfeit; 215 - Ben Berger (M) p Steve Gallaher, 1:53; 275 - Eric Hassel (M) p Steve Tillis, :15.

Walkersville 64, Frederick 18

103 - Jacob Eavey (W) MD Matt Sera, 10-2; 112 - Dan Caywood (W) by forfeit; 119 - Brandon Krantz (W) p Nick Isoldi, 1:42; 125 - Ed Asbill (W) p Gerrit Jones-Rooy, 1:43; 130 - Danny Crum (W) p Jeff Feser, 1:00; 135 - Jason Gladhill (W) p Jason Turner, 2:48; 140 - Derek Krantz (W) by forfeit; 145 - Will Aguilar (W) p Siavash Gharjari, 4:45; 152 - Jimmy Francis (W) p Dan Sarvaideo, 2:42; 160 - Steve Staub (W) p Jared Cold, 1:53; 171 - Jason Goff (W) p Eric Feser, 2:14; 189 - David Smith (F) p Billy Burke, 3:54; 215 - Elijah Sum (F) p Chris Stauter, 1:12; 275 - Akil Patterson (F) p Jason Stambaugh.

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