Mail Call for 12/8

December 08, 2000

Mail Call for 12/8

Editor's note - Please be as brief as possible when calling Mail Call, The Daily Mail's reader call-in line.

Mail Call is not staffed on weekends or holidays so it is best to call Mail Call during the week. The Mail Call number is 301-791-6236.

You are welcome to leave a recorded message on any subject, but some calls will be screened out.

Here are some of the calls we have received lately:

"I am wondering if the public is aware that on Dec. 16 the County Commissioners in their meeting with the delegation from the state at South High are going to ask to have certain animal control matters made a criminal issue? So that if your dog or animal runs on someone else's property, it could be considered criminal trespassing. You could be taken to jail with handcuffs and sit there and wait to be bailed out and then brought up before the Circuit Court on charges having to do with your animal's conduct. In the meanwhile, your animal could be destroyed. I hope a lot of people come to this meeting on Dec. 16."


-South High

"I sincerely hope that Wal-Mart will not be able to open another store in Funkstown. Their associates are great and you can find one, but management cannot and do not keep enough associates in the one they have now."

"I just wanted to tell everyone who is unemployed. If you think you are going to draw unemployment insurance now, you are wrong. That is why the unemployment rate in the United States is so far down. You have nobody to contact except a machine, which tells you that they are not available or able to collect your unemployment. Don't put any stock into thinking you are going to collect it."

"I have a gift certificate to a Subway that closed. I am wondering if anyone can tell me if there is a way I can get my money back for that? Leave your message in Mail Call and I will be sure to read it."

"I live on a fixed income and I went to look for a computer. But their price is out of my range. I heard about Web TV and you could do a lot of things on it. Can anyone call Mail Call and tell me what all I can do on this and how I can get online?"


"WJEJ 1240 am has easy listening music like WWMD had. The only difference is that it's not on all the time, as they have sports and talk shows. The music is great, including big bands on Sunday afternoons for two or three hours. Try this station, you will like it. Music from the '30s on up until the '70s or '80s."

"I lost a wide gold ladies' band that was inscribed with circles. It may have been lost at the Martin's Grocery Store parking lot on Dual Highway. It was lost on Wednesday, Dec. 6. It has great sentimental value to the owner. There is a reward. Call 301-739-0378."

"Tim Rowland must be running out of ideas for his column because the drug problem in Hagerstown is no laughing matter."

"I was wondering if there was anyone in the Washington County area who knows how to play a banjo? If you are interested in teaching someone, leave your name and number in Mail Call and I will get back with you."

"Can someone tell us why there isn't any heat in some of the nursing homes in the Washington County area? The past several days, it has been 30 degree or lower outside. It is ridiculous that when you walk into some of these nursing homes and there is no heat. These people are going to get very sick."

"To the person who was looking for popcorn balls. I heard on the Party Line on WJEJ the other day and they said that a church in Greencastle, Pa., was making them after Dec. 10. Call WJEJ, Lou Scally always jots those numbers down and he will be able to help you."

"To the Post Office. Doesn't make sense, the mailbox has been at County Market for years, and all of a sudden they aren't getting enough mail? Come on. But they sell the stamps. You can put the mailbox back."

"I was recently in downtown Frederick. They have a beautiful downtown, shopping districts, beautiful. I then came to Hagerstown, are we behind in times or what? I really enjoyed the Civil War Museum in Frederick. I don't know what happened to the one in Hagerstown. I see that they are now asking for approval to put a $46 million one downtown. What is with all the attorneys downtown? Why don't we just call it Attorney Row instead of West Washington Street? Hagerstown, you group of leaders downtown are sad. You white-collar workers are driving this county into the hole. You better let some of the blue-collar workers down there show you how to really run a county."

"Cruise the Dual for the Yule, wonderful idea, but be careful, don't cruise the wrong area too many times the comrades will be watching."

"I was out at Robinwood Medical Center on Wednesday and someone stole my jacket. I was in room 204. I would appreciate it if someone could return it to room 204."

"What a fine young lady Stacey is. She gave 10 inches of her hair to 'Locks for Love'. You are a good person, Stacey."

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