thumbs up, thumbs down 12/9/00

December 08, 2000

Thumbs up, thumbs down 12/9

Thumbs up!To the late Cecil Arnold, former Shepherdstown, W.Va. police chief and a longtime volunteer firefighter for his many years of public service to the community. He'll be missed.

Thumbs up!To Betty Willson, a long-time volunteer with many charitable groups, who took on the challenge of revitalizing the Social Help Center at Hagerstown's Trinity Lutheran Church, which helps when other agencies can't.

Thumbs up!To Maryland Gov. Parris Glendening, for making a major commitment to improve mass transit systems across the state. He's realized, as many haven't, that all of us can't drive to work alone each day.

? ? ?To Hagerstown Councilman Al Boyer, who last month said efforts to build a new minor league stadium might be done. but who now says he's not "throwing in the towel" on the project. Like the near-sighted pitcher, we can't figure out the signal here.


Thumbs up!To the American people, for being patient enough to allow the election process to play out in Florida. In some other countries, they'd be storming the government buildings.

? ? ?

To the operators of the National Role Models Academy at Fort Ritchie, which sought and won a grant to build a school for dropouts, but which is now admitting non-dropouts. It can't be because there aren't enough dropouts available.

Thumbs up!

To Sharpsburg firefighters and ambulance personnel, for agreeing to discuss a possible merger to save money and become more efficient. It makes a lot of sense to us.

Thumbs down!To the U.S. Education Department, which did a study of the value of kindergarten, without comparing the grade-school marks of those students who attended with those who didn't. This might be a study, but it doesn't sound scientific.

Thumbs up!To Pennsylvania's Milk Marketing Board, for agreeing to raise the premium paid to farmers for milk to compensate for higher fuel costs. The move adds 2 cents per gallon for consumers.

Thumbs up!To officials of Shepherd College, for their wise decision not to move the Technical and Community College to Martinsburg in mid-semester. As provost Peter Checkovich said, such a move would be too disruptive for students.

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