26 indicted in W.Va. drug ring

December 08, 2000

26 indicted in W.Va. drug ring

By DAVE McMILLION / Staff Writer

MARTINSBURG, W.Va. - A one-and-a-half-year investigation into a crack cocaine ring operating in a Jefferson County subdivision has resulted in a federal indictment of 26 individuals, U.S. Attorney Melvin H. Kahle Jr. said Friday.

The indictment, handed up Tuesday by a federal grand jury sitting in Martinsburg, charges the suspects with a operating a crack cocaine conspiracy that began in 1995, Kahle said.

The drug ring was primarily being operated in the Fox Glen subdivision, although crack was being sold in other subdivisions in Jefferson and Berkeley Counties, said Jesse Jones, chief deputy of the Jefferson County Sheriff's Department.

Fox Glen, which has had trouble with drug dealing over the years, is located along W.Va. 9 about five miles west of Charles Town.


Police began executing arrest warrants in Fox Glen and other areas Friday morning. By the end of the day, 13 people had been arrested, Kahle said.

Police were looking for the other suspects Friday night, according to Kahle.

The indictment also alleges 64 other charges including operating "crack houses," use of firearms during drug trafficking crimes and distributing crack, sometimes within 1,000 feet of North Jefferson Elementary School, which can result in the doubling of penalties, Jones said.

The drug investigation was conducted by the Eastern Panhandle Drug and Violent Crimes Task Force, which is made up of five local, state and federal police agencies, Kahle said.

Kahle described the drug ring as a "loose knit network" where crack distributors would arrive at Fox Glen from Virginia, Maryland and other areas and sell the drug with local residents.

About four crack houses were targeted in the investigation, Jones said.

Jones said his department was getting complaints weekly from people complaining about drug activity in Fox Glen.

Jones and Sheriff William Senseney said they understood the frustration of residents, but it takes time to understand how a drug network operates then level charges.

"We knew things were getting done out there," Jones said.

Individuals arrested included:

- Charles DeWayne Allen, 30, 726 Fox Glen, Kearneysville.

- Steven Collis Allen, 33, Route 3, Kearneysville.

- Charlie J. Ballou, 56, 726 Fox Glen, Kearneysville.

- Robert Leo Breeden, 46, 422 Fox Glen, Kearneysville.

- James Richard Carson, 38, 618 Covert Street, Kearneysville.

- Tammy Lynn Combs, 37, 726 Fox Glen, Kearneysville.

- James Albert Morris, 48, 117 Country Park Drive, Winchester, Va.

- Gail Oden, 37, 618 Covert St., Kearneysville.

- Kevin Warnick, 43, Fox Glen, Kearneysville.

- Mary E. Warnick, 43, Millville.

- Robert Craig Wilt, 30, Charles Town

- Russell Todd Wilt, 30, Kearneysville.

- Name unkown, 20, 136, State Route 51.

Police are still looking for:

- Bobby Breeden, 422 Fox Glen, Kearneysville.

- Brandon Lee Breeden, 19, Kearneysville.

- James Glenn Cross, 22, 556 Fox Glen.

- Charles Hall, 20, 496 Fox Glen, Kearneysville.

- Colleen Eugena Lowe, 36, Ranson.

- Donald Leon Peacher, 46, Kearneysville.

- Marek Pollard, 20, address unvailable.

- Rashad Pressley, 22, Charles Town.

- Michael Paul Puzey, 28, 6200 93rd Place, Lanham, Md.

- Michael Stevenson Viands, 22, Kearneysville.

- Tevis Winston, 19, address unknown.

- True name unknown, age and address unavailable.

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