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December 05, 2000

Ask Heather!

Editor's note: Last week the Hagerstown City Council passed an anti-cruising law that goes into effect Friday, Dec. 29. The law prohibits cruising along East Franklin and East Washington streets between Potomac Street and Cleveland Avenue from 7 p.m. to 2 a.m.

Dear Heather,

Do you think cruising Dual Highway should be against the law?


Lacey Yost

Dear Lacey,

Cruising Dual Highway has been popular for many years. Many teenagers' parents cruised. I remember hearing my cousins talk about it when I was younger. It's been a tradition of local teens for more than 30 years!

I don't think it should be against the law. Dual Highway is a public road. People can drive back and forth on most any road, and they wouldn't get arrested. People may think teens are crazy, but we should be allowed to drive there as long as we are not doing anything illegal.


Our parents, and teens who have jobs, pay taxes that are used to build and take care of the roads. Shouldn't we have the right to use them?

As long as teens are not breaking the law - not speeding, drinking or driving alone past midnight while still holding a provisional license - I see no reason for it to be illegal to cruise Dual Highway.

I think there is a question more important than if it is legal. Is cruising the Dual safe? And, if teens are following the law, cruising on Dual Highway shouldn't be any more dangerous than driving on a regular road.

Heather Irvin is a sophomore at Clear Spring High School.

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