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December 04, 2000

Letters to the Editor 12/5

Democrats team up in Morgan Co.

To the editor:

For the first time in decades, the voters of Morgan County have elected two Democrats to local offices of leadership. For a long time the citizens of Morgan County have felt that they were not being heard from both sides of the aisle in the political arena. It has taken a strong grass roots effort led by Bob Ford and John Swaim to overturn the years of Republican leadership that has run this county.

Slowly as new people moved into the county the ratio of Democrat versus Republican has changed. There is 884 more voters in the Republican Party than in the Democratic Party. The actual registration is Republican, 4,250, Democrat, 3,366, Independent, 1,211, and other 28, for a total of 8,855 registered voters. I received these figures from the clerk of Morgan County Commission office.

Not only will Morgan County receive two new Democratic leaders, but the State of West Virginia has voted for a new Democratic governor, Bob Wise. Hopefully a coalition will be built between these new Democratic officials and our new governor-elect. We are looking for good things to happen here in Morgan County as we create partnerships with the local, state and federal representatives.


I have labored long and hard in the Eastern Panhandle to see certain leaders elected, and I spoke hundreds of times for the commissioner-elect, Bob Ford. Truly, Ford's heart is with the people of Morgan County and I congratulate him on this great victory as he leads the county forward with a new and a fresh vision. His vision is for all citizens of this county and not just a select elite few.

I have been reviewing letters written from my office and others in our county to extend the water and sewer to U.S. 522 South. The two elected Democrats, Bob Ford and John Swaim were very instrumental in both meetings and letter-writing to get this project up and going. With that in mind, I did not see either one of these candidates seeking the spotlight when Governor Underwood awarded us a Small Cities Block Grant for this project of $1.5 million.

So pat these men on the back when you see them to let them know you appreciate the hard work they have been doing for our county. Perhaps now our county will move into alignment with the state and federal leaders for West Virginia. Each one who voted this year deserves a pat on the back as well, because without your vote the leadership would have remained the same. My desire is to see a new vision producing new jobs assisting all our citizens in Morgan County.

Ron Payne

Hedgesville, W.Va.

Please help Elaine get through

To the editor:

What do you say to a woman fighting for her life? How do you tell three children under the age of 5 that they could soon lose the mother whom they've barely begun to know?

Elaine Kirchoff is 30 years old. She has been diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer called large cell diffused lymphoma, and is preparing for a stem cell transplant.

Her doctors dispense tapering amounts of hope. Elaine has placed her unwavering trust in God. The rounds of debilitating chemotherapy that she has received prior to her upcoming transplant have drained Elaine.

Her family and friends hope to strengthen her with a healthy dose of encouragement.

We believe in you, Elaine. You have so much to share with your loved ones and the countless others who your kind and gentle spirit has yet to touch.

We hope other people will reach out to Elaine with their thoughts and words of encouragement - because encouragement turns into hope.

Please send any well-wishes to Elaine's sister, Saskia Schouten, at: 1302 Outer Drive, Hagerstown, Md. 21742

Thank you and may God's mercy be bright in your heart.

Lelia Boudreaux

Hagerstown, Md.

Nice landscape

To the editor:

I for one would like to thank the guys and girls for the beautiful parking lot and shrubbery between East Franklin and East Washington streets. You have helped to beautify the city and with our beautiful square. It makes me proud to live on East Washington Street and to go up town.

Thanks again, guys.

Kay Schindel


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