Danny Faircloth does CD with Willie Nelson

December 02, 2000

Danny Faircloth does CD with Willie Nelson

By DAVE McMILLION / Staff Writer

MARTINSBURG, W.Va. - Danny Faircloth has consistently worked at the art of being a songwriter, and some people in the music industry believe he is hitting his stride.

After all, sharing space on a compact disc with Willie Nelson is nothing to sneeze at, his supporters say.

Last June, Faircloth competed with 160 other performers at a Star Search competition in Hagerstown. His performance of his song "Hand-in-Hand" led to Faircloth being selected to have the song included on a new compilation CD called "Nashville Music Express."

The CD features 21 performers and includes a song co-performed by country music legend Nelson and Curtis Potter, Faircloth said.

"Nashville Music Express" is receiving airplay in 46 European countries and Faircloth is anxiously waiting to see how the CD and his song fare on radio hit charts in those countries.

Country music can receive rave reviews abroad, and is sometimes distributed first in European countries to determine its potential for success, Faircloth said.


"As of right now, we're really tickled about this CD, especially with Willie Nelson being on it," said Faircloth's girlfriend, April Dugan, who has worked hard to support Faircloth.

Billy Joe Burnette, a Nashville producer who also has a song on "Nashville Music Express," said he is impressed with Faircloth's songwriting. Burnette said he turns down songs on a regular basis, but he considers Faircloth a "deep writer."

"I really like him, personally. As far as my own personal opinion, I think he's going to be great," Burnette said.

In "Hand-in-Hand," Faircloth sings about being in long-term relationships and how couples can endure challenges the longer they stay together.

Faircloth said he is well aware of how difficult it is to get a break in the music business.

Although Faircloth performs in public periodically, he focuses mostly on recording his music. Faircloth said he produces the CDs in hopes of finding a recording company that will like his music enough to award him a contract.

"It's a hard thing to do. We need the professional people to get there," said Faircloth, whose day job is working at Tru-Serv Corp. distribution center in Hagerstown.

In 1998, Faircloth produced about 100 copies of his CD "Single Mind." He produced about 300 copies of his most recent CD, "Vertical Bars."

Friends and business acquaintances of Faircloth describe his music as having its own unique style, sort of "modern country."

"I feel very comfortable about me having my own style. It really doesn't fit into a country mode," Faircloth said.

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