Washington County Boys Basketball Previews

December 01, 2000

Washington County Boys Basketball Previews


Coach: Chuck Ingram (3rd season)
1999-2000 Record: 4-17

Playoffs: Lost in first round of Maryland Class 1A South playoffs to Poolesville.

Returning Starters: Adam Miller, Sr., C-F, 6-7. Eric Vesley, Sr., G, 6-2. Justin Malott, Sr., G, 5-10. Kevin Bigelow, Sr., C-F, 6-3.

Remainder Of Roster: Andy Kaetzel, Sr., C-F, 6-3. Jeremiah Weddle, Sr., F, 6-2. Brian Schultheis, Sr., G, 6-0. Keith Woodhams, Sr., G, 5-9. Jeff Brown, Jr., G, 5-7. Cody Haines, Jr., G, 6-1. Josh Griffith, Jr., G, 6-0. Keith Kellinger, Jr., F-C, 6-5. Nathan Himes, So., G, 5-8.

Ingram's Outlook: "We're just hoping to improve from last year. The boys have worked hard during the off-season. If we continue to work hard, we hope to have a shot of getting over .500. The players are giving me 110 percent. The league will be competitive again."


Broadfording Christian Academy

Coach: George Nunn (2nd season)
1999-2000 Record: 3-20

Playoffs: Lost in second round of Maryland Christian Schools tournament to Grace Academy.

Returning Starters: Nathaniel Hirsch, Sr., G, 6-0. Carvey Wright, Sr., F, 6-2. Daniel Bieber, Sr., F, 6-1. Brent Blair, Sr., C, 6-5.

Remainder Of Roster: Dayton Hartman, Jr., G, 5-10. Nathan Jordan, Sr., G, 5-8. Josh Rubeck, Jr., F, 6-3. Jon Bakner, Jr., F, 6-0. Jonathan Bishop, So., G, 5-10. Sean Moore, So., F, 6-1. Dan Snyder, Sr., G, 5-10. Dan Phillips, So., C, 6-8. Joe Yeager, Fr., G, 5-8. Joe Paige, Sr., G, 5-10.

Nunn's Outlook: "After finishing in last place, we want to improve on that. Our short-term goal is to make it to the final four of the conference playoffs. We have quite a few experienced players and we are hoping that can help us out. Since we were at the bottom, there is no place to go but up."

Clear Spring

Coach: Daryl Hunsberger (3rd season)
1999-2000 Record: 4-18

Playoffs: Lost in quarterfinals of Maryland Class 1A West playoffs to Williamsport.

Returning Starters: Justin Michael, Sr., G, 5-10. Jeremy Schnebly, Sr., F, 6-1. Chris Everitts, Jr., G, 5-9. Josh Keyton, Sr., G, 5-11.

Remainder Of Roster: Will Worthington, So., C, 6-4 1/2. Aaron Beard, Sr., F, 6-2. Gerad Haupt, Jr., G, 5-10. Greg Yeakle, Sr., F, 6-1. Omar Feliciano, Sr., G, 5-9. Chris Hoffman, Jr., C, 6-4 1/2. Brad Cline, Jr., G, 6-0. Ryan Grove, Jr., F, 6-1. Tucker Gladhill, Jr., G, 6-0. Jared Timmons, Jr., G, 5-8. James Kirby, Sr., F, 6-0.

Hunsberger's Outlook: "We have more experience than what we have had since I have been coaching. Our kids are bigger and stronger than what we have been. We have a scrappy bunch of kids that are looking to improve on their record from last year. We are trying to achieve a .500 record or better."

Grace Academy

Coach: J.D. Cardwell (6th season)
1999-2000 Record: 20-3

Playoffs: Lost in Maryland Christian Schools state quarterfinals to Chapelgate.

Returning Starters: Jake Marquis, Sr., G, 5-9. Nathan Sweeney, Sr., F, 6-4. Josh Barnhart, Jr., G, 6-1. Jeff Ward, Jr., C, 6-4.

Remainder Of Roster: Tim Hunt, Sr., F, 6-3. Ben Shade, Jr., F, 5-11. Dustin Slonaker, Jr., G, 5-7. Jared Barnhart, So., G, 5-6. Dan Carver, So., G, 5-6. Andy Cowman, So., F-C, 6-3. Brian Lantz, So., G, 5-6. Chris Brunner, Fr., G, 5-6.

Cardwell's Outlook: "I think that with the nucleus of returning starters that we have back, we should have another successful season. Those guys are a little taller and a little stronger. Their maturity and their leadership will help the younger guys know what it takes to win. I think that we have a good bunch of kids that just work hard. We have a good group of guys that listen well and play well together as a team."


Coach: Jeff Spielman (16th season)
1999-2000 Record: 9-15

Playoffs: Lost in quarterfinals of Maryland Class 1A West playoffs to Southern Garrett.

Returning Starters: Danny Keefer, Sr., G, 5-10. Jacob Pittman, Sr., G, 5-10. Brandon Fling, Jr., C, 6-5.

Remainder Of Roster: Josh Wills, Sr., F, 5-10. Chris Wills, Jr., G, 5-9. Aaron Demory, Jr., F, 5-10. Mark Hoffman, Jr., F, 5-10. Chris Robair, Jr., G, 5-10.

Spielman's Outlook: "Obviously, we're small. The kids seem to have a great attitude and they work real hard together. That might help to make up for our lack of height. Hopefully, our strength is going to be our quickness and the fact that we play well together."

Heritage Academy

Coach: Mike Kidd
1999-2000 Record: 11-14

Playoffs: Lost in first round of Mason-Dixon Christian Conference playoffs to New Life.

Returning Starters: Micah Shatzer, Sr., G, 5-11. Justin Cline, Sr., G, 5-9. Jonathan Britton, Sr., C, 6-3. Ryan Marquiss, So., F, 6-1.

Remainder Of Roster: Matt Malpass, Sr., C, 6-3. Allen Routzahn, Sr., F, 6-2. Ian Ellis, Sr., F, 6-1. Josh Malpass, Jr., F, 6-3. Jeremy Grove, Jr., G, 5-7. Ryan Johns, Jr., C, 6-4. Kenton Shatzer, So., F, 5-10. Jesse Latta, So., G, 5-8. Drew Kidd, Fr., G, 5-9.

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