CRS short of goal by $100,000

December 01, 2000

CRS short of goal by $100,000

By DAN KULIN / Staff Writer

Community Rescue Service's 2000 subscription and fund-raising drive is about $100,000 short of its goal, but the ambulance company's interim director, J. Michael Nye, hopes December contributions and an upcoming subscription drive aimed at businesses will make up the difference.

Overall, CRS received more money from fewer subscribers this year than in 1999. A primary factor is that CRS increased most of its subscription rates for 2000.

According to figures provided by Nye, as of Thursday CRS had received $298,517 from 6,456 subscribers, about 20 percent of the 31,754 households on the CRS mailing list.

In 1999, the subscription and fund-raising drive brought in $214,009 from 7,464 subscribers, about 26 percent of 28,270 households that were sent solicitations.


The 2000 subscription and fund-raising goal is about $400,000.

CRS is the ambulance company serving most of Hagerstown and some of the surrounding area. It serves approximately 34,000 homes.

CRS subscription fees range from $30 for a single senior citizen to $50 for a family, up from $15 for a single senior citizen and $35 for a family in 1999. Subscribers to CRS are not charged for CRS services above what is paid by the subscriber's insurance.

The subscription fee increase "certainly had an effect" on fund raising, but the increase in money collected from the fund drive justifies those increases, Nye said.

CRS could receive as much as $50,000 in additional contributions and subscriptions this month, he said.

A subscription and fund-raising drive aimed at businesses will begin in February and could bring in about $45,000, Nye said.

Nye said the subscription drive does not affect a request that the City of Hagerstown contribute to CRS.

Nye, on behalf of CRS, has asked the City Council for $600,000, plus a commitment of $400,000 annually for future years.

The City Council has made no formal decision on the CRS funding request, as council members are waiting for additional information from CRS about such things as its salaries and operating expenses.

Some council members' tempers flared recently after Nye publicly criticized the council for inaction.

Council members said they were not ignoring CRS, but waiting for a list of questions to be answered.

Nye has said the answers to questions from the council will be completed within a week.

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