Smithsburg chides developer

November 30, 2000

Smithsburg chides developer

By ANDREW SCHOTZ / Staff Writer

SMITHSBURG - A developer promised Tuesday to correct some lingering problems raised by the Smithsburg Town Council.

Aaron Orndorff, vice president of BBH Development Co., said he will make sure sidewalks are built in front of two residences on Orndorff Drive, as the council requested.

Earlier this month, the Town Council voted not to grant any more building permits to BBH if it didn't construct the sidewalks by Nov. 21.

It also insisted that BBH overlay some nearby streets by Nov. 21 and that the company clean up debris and secure other homes.


On Tuesday, Councilman Mike Rohrer said he was annoyed that the work still hadn't been done.

"I feel their not cooperating with us has been blatant disrespect in some cases," Rohrer said.

"We gave you a deadline of November," said Councilman Jerome Martin, "and for whatever reason ..."

"I never knew there was a deadline," Orndorff said.

Orndorff said he will abide by the council's terms for getting additional permits. "I'll go for that," he said. "That's no problem whatsoever."

During an interview outside Town Hall, Orndorff said 14 homes have been built on Orndorff Drive, but there are no current plans to build more.

Council members said they have had a tough time trying to reach BBH President Doug Bachtell, who did not attend Tuesday's work session, and get feedback from the company.

"In all honesty, I'm just befuddled by this," Martin said. "No one seems to know who's communicating with who."

The council previously required that BBH install a street light on Orndorff Road, but decided Tuesday that it's up to the town to do it.

"If it's our responsibility to get street lights up there, then we need to get on it," Martin said.

Mayor Tommy Bowers said he would find out how much a street light would cost.

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