County legal assistant receives IDEA award

November 30, 2000

County legal assistant receives IDEA award

By SCOTT BUTKI / Staff Writer

For her help and institutional memory, Washington County Legal Assistant Vicki Grimm has received the quarterly Innovative, Dedicated Employee Award, County Administrator Rodney Shoop said Tuesday.

"It is very much appreciated," said Grimm, who has worked for the county for 12 years. She said she was pleasantly surprised to receive the award.

County Attorney Richard Douglas nominated Grimm for the award.

As the winner, Grimm receives a personal day off and a $500 check.

"All right!" she said, when Shoop handed her the $500 check. The money will help pay for Christmas presents, she said later.

Grimm has been with the county attorney's office since it was established 12 years ago, when Ralph France was county attorney.


Douglas said that after becoming county attorney, he realized how helpful Grimm is, especially with her institutional memory.

When county employees, regardless of the department, are looking for documents, they contact her and she can find it, Douglas said.

"I wasn't going to mess with success," he said.

"She is extremely cooperative and helpful to other county employees, often sharing her expertise and knowledge freely with others. She is friendly and very easy and pleasant to work with, even under the heaviest pressure, which is a vastly underrated quality in a busy office such as this," Douglas wrote in his nomination letter.

"We have a need to operate smoothly and owe much of our ability to do so to Vicki. She richly deserves this award," he wrote.

Shoop told Grimm she has a "pleasant personality and you are great to work with day in and day out."

"We all on this floor and office work with Vicki. She is a tremendous help to all of us," Shoop said. He noted she also prepares and oversees the budget for the legal department.

He also joked about the fact Grimm works with both Douglas and the assistant county attorney.

"You are a hero to be able to work with two attorneys," he said.

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