The Daily Mail has news for you

November 25, 2000

The Daily Mail has news for you


When The Daily Mail changed its format a year ago, we did so with our readers in mind.

The goal was to get more local news in the paper, and our commitment was to give our readers a whole section of local news. Section A is now our local news section, and in the past year we have published a great deal of stories sent in by readers. It has been a very interesting transformation.

Several local organizations and schools have taken advantage of this opportunity to get their news in the paper, especially the Boy Scouts, the senior citizens homes and centers and the private schools in the area. The offer is open to everyone.

The Daily Mail usually runs about five local stories a day on the front page and puts the nation and world news of the day on Page B1.


Here are some other items you'll usually find only in The Daily Mail:

HEIGHT="6" ALT="* "> Town columns - The Daily Mail hired nine town correspondents to do stories from their towns. We have columns from Boonsboro, Clear Spring, Funkstown, Halfway, Smithsburg-Robinwood, Sharpsburg-Keedysville, Williamsport and two from Hagerstown.

HEIGHT="6" ALT="* "> From the garden - The Daily Mail runs photos of strange-looking vegetables.

HEIGHT="6" ALT="* "> Milestones - If you want your birthday or anniversary listed on the front page of The Daily Mail, just jot down the information and, presto, it's done.

HEIGHT="6" ALT="* "> Pet Watch - If you lose or find a pet in Washington County, we'll put a notice in the paper for you. We know how much pets mean to people.

HEIGHT="6" ALT="* "> Remember When? - If you find an old photo stuck behind the desk, bring it in. We'll publish the photo for you and any tidbit of information that goes with the photo.

HEIGHT="6" ALT="* "> Marriage licenses - We know it's a big deal when people get married so we run a monthly list of marriage licenses.

HEIGHT="6" ALT="* "> Building permits - You want to know what your neighbor is building in his back yard? Chances are you can find out in the list of building permits.

HEIGHT="6" ALT="* "> Pro wrestling - Hey, it's not for everybody, but every Monday we run a full page of pro wrestling news.

HEIGHT="6" ALT="* "> Health Call - if you know of someone who has been ill or is recovering from surgery who would like to hear from his or her friends, we'll put their name and address in the paper so people can send them cards.

HEIGHT="6" ALT="* "> Person on the street - Each week we ask eight people a question on a current event and run their photos with their responses on Page A3.

HEIGHT="6" ALT="* "> Our Town - If you know someone who does nice things for others or is an interesting personality, we'll run a profile of them. Call Jennifer Silbert at 301-733-5131 with your nomination.

HEIGHT="6" ALT="* "> Mail Call - Each day we publish a list of your call-in responses on Page A5 of The Daily Mail. You can call on any subject you desire and you don't have to leave your name. Of course, we have to screen out a lot of calls, but readers seem to either love or hate Mail Call. And most people read it even if they hate it.

HEIGHT="6" ALT="* "> Team photos - If your team wins a title in sports, we'll run their team photo in the sports section with the names of the players and their record and the title they won.

HEIGHT="6" ALT="* "> Outdoors column - Each week, Steve Palmer, president of the Washington County Sportsmen's Association, writes an outdoor column in The Daily Mail.

HEIGHT="6" ALT="* "> Youth league sports - The Daily Mail has increased its coverage of various sporting events in the youth leagues in the county.

If your family, group or organization would like to see their news items in the paper, call me at 301-791-7647 weekdays between 8 a.m. and 2 p.m.

Tony Mulieri is managing editor of The Daily Mail.

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