Pa. woman has 'Regis' makeover

November 19, 2000

Pa. woman has 'Regis' makeover

By STACEY DANZUSO / Staff Writer, Chambersburg

FAYETTEVILLE, Pa. - It took a few days, but Joyce Dhlosh is getting used to seeing her new reflection in the mirror.

The Fayetteville woman was one of five people selected for an "emergency makeover" on the "Live With Regis" show last week.

Now, the 5-foot 1-inch 59-year-old is without hairspray for the first time in more than two decades, and her formerly teased-up hair is cut in a trendy face-framing style.

Joyce's daughter-in-law, Missy Dhlosh, sent a letter to the show a month ago on a whim, never expecting they would end up in New York City.


"I was the instigator," said Missy, who lives in Chambersburg. "I thought it would be fun, and Joyce could really use a makeover - she's had that hairdo forever."

Missy said she knew she had to submit something that "would get her picked but wouldn't get me kicked out of the family."

On Nov. 7, a representative from the show called Missy to see if Joyce was still interested. Missy said yes, but then had to break the news to Joyce, who had no idea what her daughter-in-law had done.

"When they called me I was scared to death," Missy said. "We had never talked about her hair."

When Missy told Joyce, a retired Letterkenny Army Depot secretary, about the makeover, she thought it was a joke. She continued to think it was an elaborate scam when the representative from the show that sounded like another daughter-in-law called to ask her measurements.

Joyce finally realized it was no joke, and she and Missy prepared for the trip to New York City Nov. 12, where in a whirlwind three days they went sight-seeing and Joyce got her new look.

"She looks totally different. She has new glasses, make-up and looks younger," Missy said.

Joyce said she felt a little out of place in New York, dressed in a sweatshirt and sneakers while all of the of the other women wore black, but she enjoyed the star treatment.

"It was so nice being pampered, I don't want to do anything now," Joyce said. "They treated us like royalty."

The segment aired Tuesday morning on ABC, but Monday included the "before" taping where Joyce showed up at the studio without make-up.

Then she was escorted to Bloomingdale's where the store manager and "Live With Regis" coordinator selected a velvet magenta pants suit for Joyce.

"Bloomingdale's was a store I'd never been in before," she said.

Finding the right size for the small woman proved difficult and required the assistance of a seamstress who spent the day shortening hems and taking in seams on the outfit.

Shoes in a size 5 1/2 had to come from a model in the window, Joyce said.

The rest of the day was consumed with trips to elite shops, where Joyce was outfitted with stylish eyeglasses and a haircut and new color.

"When I heard the haircut and coloring cost $500 I almost fell of the chair, but I tried to act like I'm used to it," she said.

The day of the show, Joyce arrived at the studio by 7:30 a.m. to get dressed and have her make up done.

"At one point I had to move from the make-up chair because Sam Donaldson needed more make-up," Joyce said.

Joyce said she wasn't nervous about the few minutes she appeared on stage with Regis Philbin and laughs at the video she and Missy made of her morning hair ritual that also aired.

Joyce flew back to Baltimore Tuesday afternoon, and her husband, Albert, at first didn't recognize her in the airport.

"I was looking around and could hear someone calling 'Honey,'" he said. "I think they did a beautiful job."

Joyce said she loves her new look too, and is enjoying her few minutes in the spotlight.

Since she's returned, Joyce said she's been telling her story to friends and family, and she said strangers are stopping her in local stores because they recognize from the show.

The only glitch of the trip was when the airline lost Joyce's luggage - with all of her new things from the show - on the return trip. Luckily, Joyce had her suitcase back in her hands Wednesday night.

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