Mail Call for 11/17

November 17, 2000

Mail Call for 11/17

"A wonderful idea just appeared in Sunday's paper: extend the airport runway. As the article pointed out, Mr. Richard Phoebus, chairman of the Airport Commission, is in favor of the idea. I have a wonderful idea. Maybe we could take the money for the planned stadium and send it to that project and we would really have something to benefit the Hagerstonians."

"I have the perfect solution for this presidential election problem. Just like Aaron Burr and Alexander Hamilton, let's have a pistol duel. That's right, 20 paces, turn and fire. Since Al Gore likes gun control so much, we will make sure that his gun has a trigger lock. May the best man win."

"It is very disturbing for me to see the elderly standing in long lines for hours, in all kinds of weather, in front of grocery stores and drug stores, waiting to get their flu shots. One solution would be, if Medicare would specify that they only pay for the vaccine if it is administered in a doctor's office, a hospital or other approved health care facility."



"Palm Beach County, Florida has the only doughnut store where they punch two holes in them."

"I think it is terrible that the judge refused to block the Florida recount by hand. Hand recounts are subject to too much ineptitude among those conducting the process."

"I have voted for over 50 years, every year. Now I am beginning to have serious thoughts about whether to ever vote again. I don't believe that my vote counts anyway. Do away with the Electoral College."


"What has happened at Post 236 American Legion, Sharpsburg? They had no Veterans Day programs whatsoever in this town. I think it is disgraceful that Post 236 doesn't recognize the fallen dead soldiers that fought for this country to make this country what it is."

"I have a suggestion, I think they should send Mr. Phoebus and Mr. Maginnis down to Florida. They are pretty good at juggling figures and they would get those people straightened out and get those books straightened out, so we will finally know who the president is."

"I think it is ridiculous that this country is going where it is going. They don't want to obey the laws. The law says that when the count is taken, that's who is president. President Bush and yes I said President Bush, that is who it should be, not Gore, he is nothing but a Clinton look-alike."

"To the lady who wanted to know how to release the air out of her pipes, take a screwdriver on that little circle on the right hand side, hold a can or glass under it. Push on that and all the air will come out, sometimes water will come out with it. You usually have to do that a few times before winter. You can do that anytime now."

"To the lady that wanted to know how to release air in her pipes, turn on all your spigots in your house at the same time or release air by pulling up on your pop-out valve."

"To the person who was looking for used toys, if you would put your name and number in the paper, I will try to get by. I have some that you may want to use."

"To the person who may have been at Dunkin Donuts on Sunday morning to get doughnuts before they went to church and they lost their cell phone. It was lying in the parking lot. You can find it at the police station."

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