Letters to the Editor 11/16

November 16, 2000

Letters to the Editor 11/16

Tickets out of reach for seniors

To the editor:

The Gaming Commission gives funds of $7,000 to $13,000 to the Maryland Theatre and the Maryland Symphony. If so, why are the tickets so high to programs there?

Theater tickets run around $38 to $40. What senior citizen can afford this? Not me. Yet I notice that the other week for both shows the theater was only half-filled. Wouldn't it be more profitable to lower the cost and fill that theater?

The symphony orchestra tickets range from $12 to $40. If my husband and I would want to attend a show, do you realize it would cost us up to $80? This is a week of my income. If the Gaming Commission is donating, why the high cost? I hope other senior citizens feel as I do.


L. May


Why not take the Independent road?

To the editor:

With the election events unfolding in front of the nation, it is becoming most obvious as to the true colors of our two political parties.

Instead of red, white and blue, the Democrats and Republicans have chosen their true colors. Black and blue. With the country witnessing one of closest elections in modern history, the parties have chosen to destabilize the situation with rancor, deceit and extreme individualism. The Democrats fired the first shot by sending troops of lawyers to Florida and then announcing that any and all measures would be used to contest the vote count.

The Republicans have followed suit and proclaimed their right to the presidential throne through their legal apparatus.

This is not a kingdom. This is a country. Neither side will allow the events in Florida to take their lawful course. The bitterly partisan attitude of both parties in recent years has left the country ununited and ungoverned.

Like two little bullies on the playground, the parties exchange blows without regard to national consequence. In my father's later years, he was registered as an Independent.

At the time I did not understand his reasoning. I felt that one should pick an ideology and stand by it. As it turns out my father did pick an ideology, one of independence.

The same type of ideology built our country and gave it the colors that are present on our flag. And now as my father before me, I will rid myself of the embarrassment of being called a Democrat or Republican. I am an American and I am an Independent.

Patrick McHose


Sometimes liberals learn

To the editor:

The truth about liberals rests with the acknowledgment in their own writings when situations arise that betray the very liberal ideology they espouse.

The first that comes to mind is Dr. Spock, the renowned expert on non-Biblical child rearing. After his own scrutiny over the living results of his teachings, he came to the grand conclusion by his own admission that he ruined the lives of a generation. That same type of logic has now destroyed a generation of innocent babies.

Next was the, now deceased, syndicated columnist from Chicago, Mike Royko. This gentleman was so liberal he, in my opinion, was so far off the scale of liberal reason there was no logical basis to read his articles. Then, by chance, a friend suggested one of his articles should be read.

While reading the article there was great wonderment as to how this ultra liberal could possibly have so totally climbed on the bandwagon of conservatism. Within the last few paragraphs the reason was revealed; he had been mugged. What this seems to indicate is, when the cause/effect of liberal ideologies are actually experienced in real life there is an awakening to the value of conservative principles. Alas, it is hard for a liberal to acknowledge there is a higher standard to live by than their own human reasoning: Oh yes, the higher standard is the Bible.

Now there is a local, very distinguished, very liberal individual that seems to be teetering on the brink of conservatism by a few of his most recent writings. This will become a reality if only he takes the time to search his own thoughts as to what influences have created bad taste: Could it be through secular humanism, separation of church and state, and/or the teachings of satanic free speech through the entertainment industries? The thread that may snap his liberal ideology is realizing what is about to affect his neighborhood is the same liberal philosophy of what someone else thinks and interprets the way things "should be."

People who teach humanistic principles should be able to realize that sooner or later they will be the victims of their own societal influence. As a rule one gets what one teaches.

Phillip M. Snider

Martinsburg, W.Va.

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