Mail Call for 11/14

November 14, 2000

Mail Call for 11/14

"Lost keys, call 301-223-4101. There will be a reward for the return of them."

"Can anyone give me suggestions on how I can sleep at night? I have tried sleep aids from the drug stores. Nothing works and I am really desperate. Any help would be appreciated. I don't want a prescription from my doctor. I want a permanent fix for my problem. I want something natural."

"To the person living in Williamsport that wanted to know who is going to run against Mayor Slayman. It is going to be Mr. Mark Snyder. It should be a good race."


"There are three angels on 'Touched by an Angel.' I too have three angels, they are Dr. Moody, Virginia and Lisa. They are my angels of mercy and kindness. Move your angels and let there be a good day of good thoughts in the paper."


"Don't blame Mayor Slayman for everything. Remember. There is a Town Council. Look around the town, it is growing in population every day, but that's the end of it. There are no supermarkets, nothing but bars. Why don't you look around and find a place to stick a couple of stores instead of so many bars and parking meters?"

"Regarding the election. If we have to recount Florida because of so many mistakes, why don't we recount the entire nation? There must be a whole bunch of mistakes in the whole United States."

"We have seen Gore bully Bush out of the debate and I hope he doesn't bully Bush out of the White House."

"I want to know what the problem is in Florida? The Democrats and the Republicans both looked over the form and it passed both of their expectations of what the form should look like. What seems to be the problem? Now that the Democrats are losing, so now we want the people to revote. Shouldn't the entire United States re-vote? There are people that lived out west and up north that had snow and couldn't get there to vote. Sorry, that makes more sense. Oh, what a scandal."

"People have talked about the Electoral College, but if you look at the election, you realize that George Bush took most of the states. California put Gore over the top. If you get rid of the Electoral College, do you really want California calling the shots for the rest of the nation?"

"I vote we put West Palm Beach in a box."

"Wow, what a mess with this voting. Let me get this straight. These people of Bush and Gore voted into office by the electoral vote and the electoral vote is different districts from states, let's say Maryland only has 10 districts. So we have 10 people in this state of millions and millions that are going to make a decision for my family and every other family in this state. I think that is wrong. We have millions of millions of people out here voting. I think the popular vote should count. It is the people's choice. That should count."

"Isn't that coincidental, Jeb Bush, brother of George W. Bush who is running for president here. Jeb Bush is the governor of Florida. How can this happen in a state like that? It is not happening anywhere else as far as this vote count. Why is it happening in Florida?"

"I think it is about time to get rid of this electronic voting. It has caused a lot of confusion, with this high-tech computer age that we have here, especially for the seniors that have not caught up with the new computer systems. It is time to go back to paper and pencil. Keep it basic and simple. But most of all, keep it real."

"Do you think that Florida should have a re-vote? I don't think so. They had their chance. They should read them better. They should take into consideration that this was serious and they only had one vote to make sure that it was right. If they had any questions, they should have asked someone. That is the way it works in America. You don't get to vote again because you think you made a mistake. You get one vote, just like you do all across America. They need to live with the mistake and let it go."

"Did you ever notice that everything increases in price, gas, heating fuel, stamps, income taxes, interest rates, etc. However there is one thing for sure that will never increase and that is a working man's paycheck."

"Regarding the request for cafeteria help. We are indeed in need of help in all of our cafeterias. We do not pay minimum wage, we pay $6 an hour as a substitute, but you can advance to a contract position fast. Contract position start out at $7.05 per hour, benefits include, free meals, sick leave, uniform allowances and not working while your child is off and an opportunity to bring a smile to a child. If you are interested, call 301-766-2896."

"I wonder how much Gore is paying these people down in Florida to act like they are really that stupid?"

"To stop all this bickering in Florida about the votes. Why don't they just take Gore and Bush and make them president and vice president and see what happens."

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