North, South renew rivalry

November 09, 2000

North, South renew rivalry

By BOB PARASILITI / Staff Writer

The plot thickens as the saga continues.

The time, teams and setting will be the same as always. It's the second week in November and North Hagerstown and South Hagerstown will be facing off tonight at 7 at School Stadium for the 44th renewal of the City Game.


"This is just another chapter in the book of the North-South football rivalry which will be written tonight," South coach Greg Kellick says almost nonchalantly.

But this chapter has so much more to offer in meaning and emotion for both the teams, their student bodies and casual fans alike.


When the Hubs and Rebels meet, it's been for pride ... and for more times than either side would like to admit, local bragging rights have been the only thing on the line since both schools have entered the game saddled with a losing record.

This time, it's oh-so-different. For only the eighth time in 44 games, both teams come into the game with winning records.

For South (6-3), the outcome of the game is the first piece that could cast the Rebels into the Class 1A playoff puzzle. For North (5-4), the victory will not only secure a winning season, it will knock the Rebels out of playoff contention.

But to Kellick and North coach Glenn Cross, that is all fodder for after the game. Right now, the rivalry is the reason for playing.

"There's two things you want to do every year. You want to win your first game to get off on the right foot and you want to end the season with a win to get everyone with a good attitude and looking forward to all the offseason work ahead," Kellick said. "That final game is always important, if it's against North or anybody else."

"We don't have a whole lot more to play for besides pride," Cross said. "To be 6-4 is a lot better than being 5-5. We match up well. We play better in some areas than they do and they play better in some than we do. In the City Game, funny thing happen and it's a place where stars are born. I've seen players come out and do things in this game that they haven't done all year."

South, which owns a 22-20-1 advantage in the series, will be trying to break North's two-game winning streak. It will be the first time since 1990 both teams enter the game with a winning record.

The game looks like it is a battle of North's strength against South's explosive capabilities.

"They've got big play people and we have to contain them," Cross said. "We've lost on a lot of big plays. No one has driven the ball on us all year. I've been ringing the Vince Lombardi bell all year about how three or four plays a week decide a game. You never know which three or four it will be so you have to play hard on all of them.''

"The North-South game is always special," Kellick said. "There are a lot of second and third generation players on the teams. I played here and so did my father, my grandfather and my uncle and they all talk about this game. It will be more special for the kids once they get out of school and think back to it."

But with everything on the line, the rivalry is still the reason for playing.

I think it's a special game for the kids and the coaching staffs," Cross said. "The kids don't want to lose to South. Last year, we beat them and finished 1-9 and felt pretty good about ourselves. This year, if we lose, we will end up at 5-5 and still feel a whole lot worse than we did at this time last year.

"Sometimes, familiarity doesn't always breed contempt. We don't want to rub it in but you still want to be the one who is able to say 'I won.'"

Game-by-game results

Year Winner Loser Score

1957 6-6 tie

1958 North South13-6

1959 North South14-2

1960 South (1-6-2) North (0-7-1) 28-13

1961 South (6-2) North (4-4) 13-7

1962 South (8-0) North (0-8) 20-13

1963 South (4-3-2) North (2-7) 15-0

1964 South (5-4) North (3-6) 21-6

1965 South (4-5) North (2-7) 39-6

1966 South (2-6-1) North (3-6) 21-8

1967 North (6-3) South (6-3) 6-0

1968 North (5-4) South (5-4) 20-7

1969 South (5-4) North (6-3) 20-13

1970 North (3-6) South (1-8) 20-2

1971 North (5-4) South (2-7) 21-6

1972 North (7-2) South (7-2) 18-6

1973 South (6-3) North (1-8) 19-0

1974 North (1-8) South (2-7) 34-14

1975 North (3-6) South (3-6) 14-13

1976 South (2-7) North (4-5) 25-21

1977South (3-6) North (3-6) 9-6

1978 South (3-6) North (0-9) 25-22

1979 North (3-6) South (3-6) 7-3

1980 North (3-6) South (2-7) 10-6

1981 North (4-5) South (0-9) 17-0

1982 South (1-8) North (3-6) 15-6

1983 North (6-3) South (6-3) 20-6

1984 South (2-7) North (3-6) 8-6

1985 South (1-8) North (1-8) 27-12

1986 North (2-7) South (3-6) 12-0

1987 North (3-6) South (2-7) 6-0

1988 North (2-7) South (2-7) 28-7

1989 South (5-4) North (7-2) 28-22

1990 South (6-3) North (8-1) 22-13

1991 North (5-4) South (3-6) 27-12

1992 North (4-5) South (1-8) 14-6

1993 South (4-5) North (3-6) 13-0

1994 South (4-5) North (3-6) 13-0

1995 South (5-4) North (2-7) 18-6

1996 South (4-5) North (0-9) 25-0

1997 South (2-7) North (2-7) 21-0

1998 North (2-7) South (1-8) 6-0

1999 North (0-9) South (0-9) 35-13

South leads series, 22-20-1.

The North-South game became the season finale in 1960.

The records shown were the team's records entering the final game.

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