Big Sydney talks about Big Race

November 09, 2000

Big Sydney talks about Big Race

Let's hear it for our new president!

Whoever that is ...

Little George Bush and Little Al Gore played to a virtual dead heat in Tuesday's big game, and neither one is ready to take his ball and go home.

Nope, they're dug in and ready to fight to the finish ... and they have the lawyers to prove it.

This Florida recount might surpass the Chargers-Dolphins playoff game as the most exciting matchup in state history.

This whole Electoral College thing is Greek to me, and I usually like Greek. Greek salads are the only kind I eat.

But what a system, where one guy can get more votes than another and not win. How does that work?

Does that mean Nebraska is still No. 1 in college football, even though Oklahoma beat the Huskers straight up?

"No, I'm sorry Coach Stoops, but Nebraska has more Electoral votes than Oklahoma, so you actually lost."


But all you Democrats out there, have no fear. Bore, er ... I mean Gore seems ready to take this one to the highest court in the land (is that in Denver?), or as far as he can take it until he's told he is the 43rd president.

In the meantime, W. is holed up with some guy who looks like Dana Carvey and his baby brother Jeb, who just happens to be the governor of Florida. Talk about your pull.

And that whole concession, unconcession, reconcession talk just made me hungry. All I could think of were the great chicken strips at the Smithsburg concession stands.

What a great exchange that was between the two hopefuls, reminiscent of something you would hear in the WWF (not that I watch wrestling, mind you). "You mean you're taking back your concession?" Bush asked.

"Your younger brother is not the ultimate authority on this," Gore said.

Ooooooh. It sends chills up and down my spine.

Maybe that's the way to decide this. A winner-take-all steel cage match, in Florida. Heck, make it a tag-team match and get the potential first ladies involved also.

The winner takes the presidency. The loser could still compete for the WWF belt.

Man, I have great ideas sometimes.

On with the predictions. Last week 14-8 (.636). Season 167-73 (.696).


Boonsboro 21, Smithsburg 10: Warriors spot Leopards nothing.

Hancock 33, Model School 13: Is it in vogue to pick Model School? No.

South Hagerstown 30, North Hagerstown 19: And a playoff spot to boot.

Francis Scott Key 35, Williamsport 16: The Eagles run the table.

Brunswick 41, Catoctin 33: Railroaders getting back on track at the wrong time.

Middletown 34, Walkersville 20: Knights find out 6-4 really isn't so bad.


Thomas Johnson 24, Frederick 20: Cadets break down, Patriots break even.


North Carolina 27, Maryland 22: But Terps don't cry UNCle.

West Virginia 45, Rutgers 17: Mountaineers seeing red after loss to Orangemen.

Michigan 38, Penn State 20: Big M saddles JoePa with a big 'L.'

Frostburg State 17, Salisbury State 12: Do the Sea Gulls have white spots on their helmets?

Shepherd 31, W.Va. Wesleyan 14: Disappointing season ends with a win.


Titans 24, Ravens 16: Eddie George obviously uses Energizer batteries.

Steelers 17, Eagles 13: Pittsburgh wins Turnpike battle, stays in playoff hunt.

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