Letters to the Editor 11/8

November 08, 2000

Letters to the Editor 11/8

Thanks for concern over Md. 77

To the editor:

I was the person who set up the meeting on Oct. 19, to try to get some road improvements on Md. 77 near Smithsburg. this was due to the rash of accidents that occur on this road due to slippery conditions.

We would like for you to put a piece in the paper thanking all of the residents of the Smithsburg area for their support and for attending the meeting. A special thanks goes out to Sue Hecht (Del. of District 3, Frederick/Washington County), Fred Crozier (Engineer for the State Highway Administration), Tammy Whisner, a resident of Md. 77, for all of the articles and pictures that she presented on accidents, Laura Ernde, Herald-Mail staff writer and News 25 for their coverage.

We would like to let the people know that the work has been completed and we appreciate the quick response from the State Highway Administration.


Speeders beware.

Fred Smith


Turning our backs on soaring population

To the editor:

Last October planet earth reached the 6 billion mark in population - a doubling since 1960. The earth's resources are finite, already we have more fighting than ever over water and land world-wide. We have road rage, air rage, neighbor rage, parking rage, etc., we are so congested. Yet we are still adding 84 million people each year and the environmental degradation and destruction of God's creation continues unabated. Family planning, both national and international, is an environmental issue.

Aren't people who oppose abortion locking the stable door after the horse has gone? Why don't they ever talk about taking away the occasion of abortion by providing contraceptives to those who refuse to abstain? Why don't they ever talk about doing something for the unwanted kids who are born and are a tremendous burden on society?

In this age of technology, why do we deny human sexuality instead of learning to deal with it? We still have Stone Age bodies and, it seems, Stone Age brains. In Pennsylvania about eight women are raped each day!

Why does the U.S. still have more abortions and unplanned pregnancies than other industrialized nations?

No one in my family ever had an abortion or was sterilized. Why? We grew up in a country where birth control was legal long before I (now a senior citizen) was a twinkle in my father's eye!

Ruth M. Davis

Waynesboro, Pa.

Chef got the shaft

To the editor:

I have known Chef David Jones for only a short time now, around two months. Upon first hearing in June that the restaurant that I work in was being leased out to David Jones, I was to say a bit upset. Especially after hearing the rumors about him. After all I had never met the man, and being new to the area I admittedly lent the rumors an ear.

After July 1 I left the restaurant that I was working in to take a break from the business. A month later I came into the bar and met David for the first time, with all that I heard I expected to meet some monster of a man, but I was greeted by a warm smile and a friendly handshake. I spoke with him for only five minutes when I asked if I could come back and work for him. All the employees in his charge were very happy to be working for him, and I wanted to be part of that kind of an atmosphere.

Since I have been in his employ, I have seen a few things that have impressed me. Jones puts his employees' needs above his own. Jones works long and hard in the restaurant, trying to make it successful so his employees may prosper. He cares deeply for his family and friends. And he has in my opinion gone out of his way to help those in need.

Now Jones also shared with me a bit about his legal matters and his concern regarding them. I am no lawyer and by no means a saint, but I must say, I feel that the article written about him in Thursday's Herald-Mail was only a partial truth.

I feel that if you are going to write a report about a person and the events that transpire in their lives, you should at least get to know all that you can about the man.

One last word, David I'm sorry I lent an ear to the rumors and now that I've gotten to know you, on behalf of your staff and myself we thank you.

Daniel P.S. Fisher


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