Early returns

November 08, 2000

Early returns

The following is a list of results from Berkeley County made public at the time the vote counting machine broke about 11 p.m. The county made public a list of 10 of 46 precincts, although they actually counted 16 of 46.

State Senate, 16th District.

Herb Snyder (D), 1,345

Greg Corliss (R), 1,249

House, 51st District

Claiborne B. Lashley (D), 0

Charles Trump IV (R), 0

House, 52nd District

Vicki V. Douglas (D), 861

John Reisenweber (R), 687

House, 53rd District

Don Kawalek, (D), 166

Larry Faircloth (R), 254

House, 54th District

Laura Rose (D), 312


John Overington (R), 407

County Commissioner

Butch Pennington (D), 1,342

Howard Strauss (R), 1,284

Prosecuting Attorney

Scott Ollar (D), 1,141

Pamela Jean Games-Neely (R), 1,497

Berkeley County Sheriff

W. Randy Smith (D), 1,543

Ronald Jones (R), 1,111

Parks and Recreation Levy

For 923

Against 897

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