Mail Call for 11/7

November 07, 2000

Mail Call for 11/7

"In regards to the concerned citizen about the Mummers' Parade. Really, are you that disturbed over the lack of Santa Claus in a Halloween parade. Let's think about this, shall we. Halloween, the celebration of ghouls, goblins and darkness. Santa, the embodiment of joy and gift giving. Hmm, they don't equate. The only thing disturbing is that there is a forum for people to voice their opinions."

"Where was Joe Diffie in the parade?"

"About the high schools needing help in the cafeterias. I called about an ad in the paper the other day to one of the high schools. It is no wonder they need help. They only want to pay minimum wage. They must not want the help very bad or they would put the hourly wage up."

- Hagerstown

"Hooray for the coverage of the World War II veterans. This was a very special time in the lives of a lot of people. Two younger ones appreciate the sacrifice of their elders. Even the city sacrificed, as did all the people then living. If you weren't there, you can even imagine what life was like in the 1940s. This paper would do well to run more stories about that period in our local history. Everyone gave something and some gave all."


"I am calling about all this about the stadium, the ice rink and skating rink and all that bologna. What they should start doing is thinking about the nursing homes. Nursing is in very critical condition right now. We need nurses, nurses aides very badly. Instead of thinking about that other stuff, think about the nursing homes. When they go out, that means, the people in them have to come home."

"Tell me, what are the white flashing lights on top of some of the school buses? I see that every now and then. Are they tracking devices or something?"

"How many will be glad when all the political campaigning is over? We won't have to listen to all the mudslinging anymore. Can't they just say something nice and be done with it?"

"In response to the concerned citizen about the school buildings being misused. We have just a little basketball team, elementary school and middle school girls. Just wanted to let you know that we pay for every gym that we use. We pay for the referees. It cost us about $300 per game and the girls raise this money to be able to play ball. Get your facts straight before you start running your mouth about anything."

"Does anyone have a bottle of Honey Almond Hand Lotion that McCrory's used to carry? I am allergic to most hand lotions. I can no longer get there. Call me at 301-714-0974."

"I was reading in Thursday's paper in the police report. There were eight reports, six of them were from Pennsylvania. I am concerned, what is going on up there? Do they need more police protection? What seems to be the problem? Come on, Pennsylvanians, get your people together up there."

"If they give Funkstown one more bypass, we are going to need a Berlin Airlift just to get through to those people."

"In response to the volunteer fire company sending a smaller check. Don't bother. I did that and they sent the check back and informed me that they would not accept it. They wanted the full amount. Which I then had to send. I would like to know what they do with all the money they collect from clubs and all the other sources? Why not let people volunteer what they feel they can afford or be able to choose to give as much as they want?"

"I want to thank the Lutheran Church in Williamsport for the beautiful chimes that they play several times a day. I just love them. I love to sing to the tunes of the song. I appreciate them very much. Thank you and God bless you. Keep them coming."

"There is an advisory notice on Fresh Step Kitty Litter, the 14- and 21-pound bags, the one that says free toy inside. Do not give your cat that toy. For more information, call 1-800-325-9259. "

"I read in Mail Call where they needed some help for the REACH program. I am 75 years old and don't drive. I have some things here, I called them twice to pick them up and they haven't come to get them yet. So they must not be in very much of a need for it."

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