letters to the editor 11/4/00

November 03, 2000

Letters to the Editor 11/4

Gun owners must vote for their rights

To the editor:

I recently read an article that listed a few of the gun-control proposals for debate. SB 2099 by Sen. Jack Reed, which calls for all handguns which don't fall under registration in the National Firearms Act to be registered under an amendment to Internal Revenue Service law and be subject to taxation.

The Real Cost of Destructive Ammunition Act by Daniel Patrick Moynihan, under which certain handgun ammunition would be taxed 10,000 percent The Handgun Licensing Act by Rep. Jerrold Addler would require people to obtain a state license before receiving a handgun or handgun ammunition.

The Handgun Records of Sale Act by Rep. Martin Meehan calls for the licensing of handgun purchases and devising a system to record sales. The Firearms Licensing and Record of Sale Act, by Sen. Diane Feinstein is similar to the House bill but would cover all firearms.


The Gun Show Accountability Act would regulate the sale of firearms at gun shows. The Childproof Handgun Act, by Sen. Frank Lautenberg, would provide for childproof handguns. The Stop Gun Trafficking Act, also by Lautenberg, seeks to reduce gun trafficking by prohibiting bulk purchases of handguns.

The Pocket Rocket Eliminator Act would prohibit the possession or transfer of the easily concealable pistols known as "pocket rockets." All of these measures are sponsored by Democrats.

The article stated that this is only a partial listing of the gun measures that are being proposed in Washington, D.C. Firearms are used in less than 10 percent of all crimes committed. If we, the gun owners of America, would stick together and vote as one bloc, we could elect only the people who held our views to every office at every level.

We would have to overlook a lot of other issues until we achieved our goals. If the officeholder respects the Second Amendment, he or she most likely would respect the rest of the Constitution and we would have the leadership we want and need to benefit America.

If the gun owners had followed this strategy, the likes of Clinton and Glendening would never have come to power. I will agree that the neither major party's candidate for president is a great choice, but there are some very distinguished candidates for the House, Senate and various other positions in our nation.

William G. Lucas

Warfordsburg, Pa.

Bush would ruin Social Security

To the editor:

On Tuesday, Social Security's existence will be determined in the voting booths of America. A Bush-Cheney victory will seal its fate as a government-sponsored program.

Before the end of this decade, Wall Street, Corporate America, and the banking conglomerate will own and control America's retirement system. It will be geared and programmed for the most affluent and privileged, not the poor and needy.

Several years ago, in a TV interview, Sen. Patrick Moynihan of New York said, in so many words, Social Security is healthy and all right. We have only to leave the surplus alone.

After what we saw and heard in Philadelphia, there's every reason to believe a money trail exists which leads directly to members of Congress. Social Security IOU's have been kept in safekeeping; if totaled, they add up to several trillion dollars.

The raid on pension funds is not unique. During the '60s, Attorney General Robert Kennedy investigated major labor unions, in particular the Teamsters, for illegally appropriating union pension money.

To help balance their budget, a significant number of state governments borrow money from employees' retirement systems, including teachers' pensions.

It's doubtful money taken over a period of many years from the Social Security trust fund will ever be returned. Perhaps it will. It still remains to be seen and there is optimism.

Its founder - President Franklin Roosevelt - hardly envisioned a day when the working people of America's old age pension program would be sold out by people who at a later date could be in the White House. But that day might come on Nov. 7.

It's now in your hands, America. Your vote will decide who owns and controls your future security - the White House, or you, the people.

Theodore A. Schendel

Hedgesville, W.Va.

Wagner: I've got the experience

To the editor:

The Herald-Mail has endorsed four candidates for the Washington County School Board. The question is have they endorsed the best people for the job?

The Washington County Teachers Association, the Retired School Administrators, the ESP Local #1, and the School Bus Contractors have all endorsed the same four candidates: Ober, Forrest, Williams and myself, Bernadette Wagner.

These organizations endorsed me because of my strong desire and ability to improve the poor communication in our school system. Even in the Herald-Mail's endorsement of two incumbents, the Herald-Mail admitted that, "when it come to communication with parents and teachers, the school board seems to have a tin ear."

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