And the Spook Hill Story winners are:

October 30, 2000

And the Spook Hill Story winners are:

Editor's note: More than 50 teens wrote an ending to this fictional story, below, by Joe Arch, a student at Hagerstown Community College. We published the beginning of the story Tuesday, Oct. 17.

Selecting the three top endings was difficult.

Our first-place winner and recipient of $50 is Sarah Stevens.

She is a ninth-grade student at Willamsport High School. When we told her she won, she said, "Wow, cool."


She's not sure how she came up with her ending.

"I don't know ... it just came to me," Sarah said.

Our second-place winner is Darrell A. Collison, an eighth-grade student at Boonsboro Middle School.

He replied, "Cool," when notified that he took second place.

Brittney Mills was named third-place winner. She is 15 and lives in Berkeley Springs, W.Va.


We thank all the teens who participated. Have a happy Halloween.

- Joe Arch

Here's the story our readers were asked to finish

It happened Friday the 13th.

Three local high school students and one of their younger brothers were dared to disprove the Spook Hill legend.

According to the legend, if you park your car midway up this hill in Boonsboro and shift into neutral, the lost ghosts of Civil War soldiers think the car is a wagon and cannon and will push it up the hill.

On that night, the four boys disappeared. Their car was left behind.

There has been much speculation about what happened.

People in the houses surrounding the legendary hill have been questioned. There are no clues.

There is only one eyewitness, who placed an anonymous call to local authorities. They gave a chilling account of what they saw.

The unidentified caller explained that he saw a blue Honda Accord creep up the hill.

The car remained still for several minutes before one of the teens got out and walked to the nearby woods.

Others pleaded for him to come back, but he ventured forward and seemed to be peering at something.

The caller glanced at the car. When he looked back, the boy who exited the vehicle had vanished.

There was screaming. The others abandoned the car and scattered. Two fled into the woods with a baseball bat. The other one ran down the road screaming for. ...

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