Letters to the Editor 10/29

October 27, 2000
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You say that you want to have a costly prescription drug plan. Who's going to pay for it? Would you suggest that the (questionable) budget surplus would fund this? Sounds like big government ( big brother) making decisions for me that I should be making for myself. You sir want to take the first step towards socialized medicine.

You state that a percentage of the (questionable) surplus should not be returned to those whom paid it in the first place, the "ultra wealthy" as you say.

Should we give the larger percentage of it to people who did not pay anything in the first place? May I suggest that we pay down the national debt instead? By reducing the debt we reduce the interest payments, thus more money for your social programs. Oh, but that is not pollitically correct

What is a minimum wage? A starting wage, no more, no less, It is an incentive to do better. It was never meant to be a living wage any more than Social Security was.


Are you suggesting that if someone does not have ambition to "pull themselves up by the bootstraps" they should get a free drink at the government trough in the form of a handout?

You state that your opponent "sponsored legislation that would completely eliminate - no exceptions - the right of a woman to choose without government interference." I can only assume that you are speaking of abortion. But did you not state at the beginning of your letter that you want government out of our private lives? Is this only a selective statement, used only when it suits your agenda?

How is the Department of Education and a boat the same? It is a big hole in the water that you throw money (taxpayers' by the way) into! It should be abolished, and be resurrected in the individual states control. And you want government out of our lives? I am not against the educational programs you state, however once my taxes get to Congress you spend it foolishly, trying to appease every one.

And what is your position on gun control? What is "common sense gun safety legislation?" Do you think that one more( are there not already over 22,000 gun laws know?) gun control law will change any thing? Why not enforce the ones we have now? If you are so much for education, why not teach mandatory gun safety in our schools?

The NRA had an excellent program to do just this, But because it was from "them" it was not politically correct. And you want to "fight for security for American families?"

Please understand that this is not an attack against you personally, It is the frustration of a taxpaying voter against the politicians of today, who jump on all the catch words of the day in an effort to get elected. If you wanted my vote you should have stated your positions on the issues, not your opponent's. How sad, you gave me a reason to vote for Rep. Bartlett, for he had no need to stoop to the lows of most politicians. He stayed silent and is doing his job

Daniel Trey


Late choices slow some college kids

To the editor:

A recent news article, based upon information from the Student Outcome and Achievement Report (S.O.A.R.) began, "Fifty-seven percent of Washington County graduates who didn't take college preparatory classes needed remediation in college math in 1998."

The report is released by the Maryland Higher Education Commission. The commission recognizes the limitations of S.O.A.R., reminding users to be aware of factors, which might affect the data.

For example, significant numbers of Maryland high school graduates attend college out of state and information for those students is not included in the report. Also the definition of "remedial education" is determined by the institution, with some offering no remedial coursework, and others not reporting remedial data to the commission.

Educators share common concerns regarding the information presented in S.O.A.R. According to the report, while Washington County public school students who attended Hagerstown Community College were reported to need remedial work in all content areas, there were no Washington County graduates attending Salisbury State, or Hood College who were enrolled in any remedial classes.

"There are a great number of students who go through their freshman, sophomore, junior and senior years without thinking of going to college," said Director of Curriculum Linda Fernandez.

Many of these students decide late in the high school career to continue their education and have not had the benefits of the higher-level college prep classes. They often select our local community college for post- secondary education.

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