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October 27, 2000

Letters to the Editor 10/26

Gore committed to education

To the editor:

As an employee of the Berkeley County school system, the politics of this election season have become a bit personal for me and many fellow educators and parents.

The political rhetoric of Governor Bush would have many thinking that he truly understood the challenges of inspiring all children to learn and achieve at high levels. Fortunately, more people are seeing through the high gloss of his campaign to the opportunistic motivations that lie at the heart of the Bush candidacy.

As an education employee, I know how hard it is for children to concentrate on fractions and long division while sitting in crowded classrooms with crumbling facilities. Vice President Gore has been a champion of reducing class size and school modernization so that more children can get the individual attention they deserve to learn and grow. It's common sense. Small class size increases order and discipline and creates an environment where learning and respect thrive. Gov. Bush has been silent on these important issues.


As the economy continues to prosper, many new teachers opt for higher paying professions that offer more professional development opportunities. If this continues, many students will be denied a stable force of caring and competent teachers who are dedicated to schools and children. Vice President Gore has made recruiting and keeping good teachers a priority in his campaign. Using a combination of professional development, testing for new teachers, and higher pay, Gore aims to make the teaching force the best in the world.

Perhaps it comes from a lifetime career of public service, where he sought to make his own mark as a journalist and, unlike Bush, followed his own convictions and career path. Big oil and baseball opportunities provided through family connections may have been fun, but they are a far cry from the real life problems faced in communities like ours. That's why on Nov. 7, I'll cast my vote for Al Gore and the other candidates who understand the real life challenges we face in classrooms and in our community.

Thomas E. Fletcher

Martinsburg, W.Va.

Vote for Bob Tabb

To the editor:

In the past 22 years that I have had the pleasure to know Bob Tabb, I have come to know him as a hardworking man of integrity filled with a love for his family and community. This is best illustrated by the success he has achieved in starting his own business.

Tabb has made many sacrifices and put in long hours in order to make Town and Country Nursery into what it is today. But, even with the long hours and tiring work, Tabb has always made time for his family and community, whether it was going to his sons' academic meets, watching them play in Little League, being president of the PTA, or working as a volunteer firefighter and EMT.

As a student at Shepherd College majoring in elementary education, I have a dream of one day living, teaching and raising a family here in Jefferson County, and I believe that putting Bob Tabb in Charleston will help to achieve that goal. How do I know this? Because Bob Tabb is not only my friend and role model, he is also my father. If you want Jefferson County to continue to be a great place to live, punch 107 and write in Bob Tabb for delegate.

Bobby Tabb

Leetown, W.Va.

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