Mail Call for 10/26

October 26, 2000

Mail Call for 10/26

"I am calling from the Halfway area and I agree with the person who called in about the railroad tracks on Sterling Road, not having a signal. I travel Sterling Road quite frequently with my 1-year-old daughter and I am very concerned about not being able to see if a train is coming. I notice other people don't even stop at all and proceed very fast over the tracks without looking. This is very dangerous and I need to know who to contact about getting signals put at those railroad tracks."

"In reference to the person looking for the Gore-Lieberman signs. The reason you don't see any of those signs around is because people are too embarrassed to admit that they would be scammed again and vote for someone like that. Don't you think that eight years of lies and deceit in the White House is enough? Go Bush-Cheney."


"I found a diaper bag in the 700 block of Maryland Avenue, right across from Bubba's. If anyone out there lost one, call 301-797-4084."

"I wonder if everyone in the area knew that Mrs. Queen, who is a longtime friend of Hagerstown and WJEJ phone party for many years, is at Colton Villa Nursing Center at 750 Dual Highway. If you could send her a card of remembrance, I know she would appreciate it. Her name is Juanita Queen. She was in the hospital for surgery. Her close friend said that she came through OK and is in great spirits. She went to see her the next day and you wouldn't even think anything was ever wrong. A card would cheer her up."

"Where is the Democratic Headquarters at in Hagerstown?'

"I would like to have a no-nonsense answer to a simple question. What is meant by 'back by popular demand?"'

"Thank you Dr. Moody and Virginia again for your patience, your kindness and your wonderful care."

"I am calling for whoever was looking for the Bon Ton hairstylists. They are now working at the Beauty Bar, which is in the mall down toward JC Penney's."

"For everyone looking for Paula, Kay or Claudia from the Bon Ton. They are now located at the Beauty Bar in the Valley Mall. Their number is 301-582-4160. We hope to see you there."

"When they took the driver's ed out of the high schools, the driver's ed courses in town rose in price."

"I am wondering if anyone knows what those black and orange flying bugs are? They are very much like fireflies, but they don't light up. They are infested around my house. Does anyone know what they are and how to get rid of them?"

"Other politically correct terms for hobos are vagrant, drifter and bum."

"I want to congratulate my children, Ernst, Ashly and Nicole Mose for doing a great job in school. We love you very much, mom and dad."

"I want to know why the hospital cannot take a military man's wife in if she is having a baby. He was serving his country over near the Cole. When I got to the hospital, I have to have $1,800 down. I don't know why they can't accept the military's medical card? If it would be a welfare case, they would be taken in right away. This is not fair."

"I want to thank the individual that turned in the green fanny pack that was on a cart at Lowe's last Saturday. It was approximately 8:30 p.m. We got flustered and left it strapped there. I don't know if it was a customer or an employee, but we appreciate you turning it in."

"We are looking for a lost dog. It is a male boxer. He is not neutered. He has white paw markings, a white stripe down his nose with a black mask. He was lost in the Robinwood area. Please call 301-766-4704 or 301-992-1329 or 301-992-2580."

"Can someone from the Roads Department or from the county call in and let me know when they are going to complete Alternate 40. Since they began this six to eight months ago, I had to get a new set of tires, as well as now a new windshield from tar that was loose on the ground that flew back from another car. What is taking so long to complete such a project? I will need a new car by the time they get finished."

"To the person who was looking for the Gore-Lieberman signs, you can call the Democratic Headquarters in Hagerstown at 301-797-4385. They are on Jonathan Street. They will be glad to help you out."

"To the HCC campus police, back off. Have a couple of drinks and loosen up on the student parking in front of the LSC building in the visitors spots. Since this causes so much commotion, create more parking and you wouldn't have to write out so many warnings and tickets. This is from two students at HCC."

"To the reader who was looking for Paula, Kay and Claudia, formerly of the Bon Ton hairstylists. They are now at the Beauty Bar, which is in the Valley Mall across from Long John Silver's. I know why you are looking for them because they were very good beauticians, all three of them."


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