Big Sydney - Sadly, I was on another channel when ...

October 26, 2000

Big Sydney - Sadly, I was on another channel when ...

The couch was aclutter Monday night, mostly with me of course. And my beverage of choice (strawberry Yoo-Hoo). And chips and salsa. And the ends of too-big hot dog buns.

Unfortunately, my brain joined that little group.

Apparently, the Jets' comeback on the Dolphins was the grandest thing in sport. It was bigger than big. It was better than &Cats;" I would see it again, and again, and again.

Heck, someone even mentioned it was bigger than me.

Whoa. Hold on a second there, buster.

Between dozing off and an itchy trigger finger, 30 points got put on the board and I nearly got put out to dry. I was almost ready to resign my post as the world's premier football prognosticator.


Upon looking back though, I didn't miss as much as I thought ...

(Al Michaels, Monday Night Football) And so the Jets, down 23 points entering the fourth quarter, will fall one game behind the Dolphins in the AFC East. And for a team that was desperate to prove itself better than its fourth-quarter comebacks, this must be a disappointment.


(Dennis Miller) Yeah, the end to this one could be worse than The Fall of the House of Usher ...


(MTV's Serena Altschul) ... the talented R&B artist, whose acting exploits are becoming more well-known than his music, will release his third album in a couple of weeks, even though it is still untitled.


(VH1) ... Elton John video "Benny! Benny!"



(Michaels) Testaverde looks to the end zone and it's ... CAUGHT! between two defenders by Laveranues Coles. What a catch. Well, at least the Jets have a bright spot come out of the night. A fantastic catch by the rookie from Florida State.

(Miller) Hey, the catch is brighter than his criminal record. Welcome to the NFL, Laveranues! And by the way, what the heck is a Laveranues, eh, cha-cha?

(Dan Fouts) Isn't it something like Copernicus or Galileo or something?

(Michaels) Dan, let Dennis stick to the humor.


(WWF Raw) It's unbelievable! I can't believe she came out and just pummeled the defenseless guy. Oh the humanity! But her boyfriend's going to be awfully proud of her on that one. Look at him, I mean, dude, he's just laying on the ground wiggin' ...


(Michaels) ... that's Jermale Wiggins, yes, for the 1-yard touchdown and all of a sudden, the Jets have made a game of this. They're down, 30-20.

(Miller) Where's Heidi? She's going to show up soon, I can just feel it.

(Fouts) But Heidi lives in Los Angeles. And they don't have an NFL team anymore.

(Michaels and Miller) SHUT UP!

(Michaels) We'll be right back.


(Loud scream from crowd)

(Michaels) An unbelievable catch from Chrebet! The Jets have tied it at 30-30! What a comeback!

(Miller) But the Jets have actually given the Dolphins time to come back ... there's three-and-a-half minutes left!


(Public access) Tune in this weekend to cable channel 10, when the Shepherd College Rams host the Glenville Pioneers in WVIAC action. Again, Saturday at 1, when Shepherd ...


(Michaels) ... is WIDE open ... Touchdown! This is unbelievable! The Dolphins need just one play to Leslie Shepherd to retake the lead. It's 37-30!

(Miller) This is just like teasing the Jets ... what a move by the Dolphins.

(Fouts) Are we talking about Heidi again?

(Michaels and Miller) SHUT UP!

From this point, I actually watched the rest of the game. Saw Jumbo Elliott's I-got-it-oh-no-I-don't-oh-yeah-I-do catch and then the Marcus Coleman interception party in overtime.

All of this has taught me a lesson, certainly.

No more strawberry Yoo-Hoo.

On with the predictions. Last week 16-4 (800). Season 134-59 (.694).



Middletown 17, Boonsboro 14: Warriors playoff hopes come crashing down.

Hancock 41, Hundred 31: W.Va. visitors may need triple digits to win.

North Hagerstown 24, Smithsburg 7: Leopards seeing spots - and stars.

South Hagerstown 20, Williamsport 11: South and North win on same day ... it's becoming old hat.

FSK 30, Brunswick 15: Eagles one step closer to first playoff berth.

Walkersville 28, Catoctin 10: Lions can finish .500, Cougars can't.

Frederick 24, Liberty 17: We can't be Lion to you twice in a row ...

Thomas Johnson 27, South Carroll 18: Cavalier effort won't do it vs. TJ.

East Hardy 24, Berkeley Springs 9: East Hardy sends Indians south.

Hampshire 19, Musselman 8: Eight (losses) more than enough in Inwood.

Hedgesville 35, Jefferson 31: Eagles clinch .500 season after winless 1999 campaign.

Martinsburg 28, Fort Hill 27: A classic at Cobourn.

Greencastle 56, James Buchanan 7: Ouch.

Gettysburg 23, Waynesboro 21: Indians' pow-wow results in a loss.

Cumberland Valley 37, Chambersburg 17: Trojans already ready for next year.


St. James 24, Fairfield 13: The Saints? 5-2? Believe it.

Peddie School 42, Mercersburg 30: What the heck is a Peddie?


Shepherd 35, Glenville 17: Rams back in that Pioneering spirit.

Maryland 40, Duke 21: Terps aren't be-Deviled in 2000.

Shippensburg 34, California (Pa.) 27: Vulcans tire late against Raiders.

Frostburg 13, New Jersey City 10: Bobcats finally win a close one.

Penn State 35, Indiana 28: Certainly no bore-Dome for game played in Indy.


Ravens 17, Steelers 13: Baltimore Dilfers a win - and a touchdown.

Giants 28, Eagles 17: Eagles' N.Y. minute is gone in 60 seconds.

Redskins 20, Titans 14: D.C. gets Monday night do-over vs. Tennessee.

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