Bureau reporters offer best of Tri-State news

October 21, 2000

Bureau reporters offer best of Tri-State news

At The Morning Herald, we literally go the extra mile for readers.

We travel across Interstate 70 and up Interstate 81 to Waynesboro, Pa., and Chambersburg, Pa. We also travel down I-81 to Martinsburg, W.Va., and across W.Va. 9 to Charles Town, W.Va.

Our reporters work in the communities in which they report. They don't just go there and then race back to the main office. They acquire knowledge about the communities. They're your eyes and ears each day, walking around their communities, checking things out - going the extra mile for you.

Their work appears on our B1 page Monday through Friday. It also may appear on the front page if our editors decide the story warrants it.


Tri-State reporters also contribute articles to our Herald-Mail editions on Saturday and Sunday.

It's not easy working in a newspaper bureau miles from the main office but it can be very rewarding. I'm glad we have people who like to do it.

Richard Belisle (Waynesboro), Dave McMillion (Charles Town), Bob Partlow (Martinsburg) and Stacey Danzuso (Chambersburg) are talented reporters who know the value of a good story. They make my job as Tri-State editor easier by tracking down interesting and compelling stories. They make your newspaper reading experience more enjoyable.

You can call Belisle at 1-717-762-5868 if you know of a good story in the Waynesboro area.

McMillion can be reached at 1-304-725-6885 in Charles Town.

If you've got a story tip in Berkeley County, Partlow can be reached at 1-304-263-0879.

And, for news happening in Chambersburg, Danzuso can be contacted at 1-717-264-3518. She recently took over for veteran Chambersburg reporter Don Aines.

Each of our four bureaus is equipped with an answering machine to take messages. I can be reached at 301-791-7587 in Hagerstown or at Contact me anytime.

It's not the job of our Tri-State reporters to report every story that happens in their area. That's a physical impossibility. However, we attempt to bring you the best of the Tri-State each day with your morning coffee.

We're the only paper in this area to make the commitment of reporters and bureau offices in all the aforementioned communities. That's because we know Washington County is not a vacuum. It's part of the Tri-State.

Many newspapers may choose to focus on one community or one county or maybe one state. And, that's a tall order. I can appreciate their efforts.

We choose to focus on several communities in three states. That's a taller order. However, according to our surveys, that's what you, the readers, expect from us.

The Morning Herald has a tradition of writing the tough story, the complicated story, the story others might choose to ignore. That's true in Washington County. And, that's true in your Tri-State coverage.

With the upcoming elections, the continuing quality of life issues, and the challenges that face Waynesboro, Charles Town, Martinsburg and Chambersburg, our reporters are going to be pretty busy.

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