Letters to the Editor 10/17

October 17, 2000

Letters to the Editor 10/17

Williamsport family loses a member

To the editor:

As a member of the Williamsport High School community, I felt a great loss upon hearing of Craig Wibberley's untimely death.

I know that most other Williamsport alumni and students feel the same because Williamsport is not just a school, but more of a family. It is important that we all remember the good memories. I will always remember him from elementary school when we and other students often played "kick back" on Fountain Rock's playground.

No one ever dreamed that this could happen, especially to Craig; the loss affects everyone.

To his family I offer my condolences over the loss of Craig. He was a great person to know. I hope that everyone else who knew him feels the same.


Lee Graff


Great care

To the editor:

Since hearing so much about the nursing shortages and poor patient care in hospitals, I felt the need to write this letter.

I was recently a patient at Washington County Hospital on the Progressive Care Unit (PCU) and the 4th floor and was very surprised (and pleased) with the care I received.

I have frequently been hospitalized in different hospitals including several in Baltimore, and have never had care like I did during this recent hospital stay.

The nurses, nurses' aides and even the housekeeping personnel were outstanding.

All the staff I came in contact with, from the ER, X-ray, EEG lab, nuclear medicine, phlebotomy and the staff from the cardiac lab were all pleasant, caring, compassionate people. As a patient, that can make a huge difference in how quickly you recover.

Unfortunately, I'm not good at remembering names, but I would like to thank all the staff who treated me during my hospital stay. Even though the staff sometimes seemed "run ragged" from not having enough staff, the patient care certainly wasn't compromised. I hope the new CEO of the hospital realizes what an exceptional staff he has and does everything he can to keep them.

Thank you Washington County Hospital staff for making my hospital stay a pleasant one!

Brenda White


Keep Jefferson Co. Ministries in mind

To the editor:

Jefferson County Community Ministries, Inc., can receive charitable contributions through the Combined Federal Campaign as an unaffiliated agency. This is great news and taps into a valuable resource for Jefferson County.

Many citizens of the Eastern Panhandle who work for the federal government within or without its boundaries, including the national capital area and Western Maryland, can now designate JCCM to receive these donations rather than make pledges to a national agency for which one is not sure where or how it may be used.

JCCM started in Jefferson County 18 years ago. It was formed for the single purpose of enabling all denominations to minister jointly to all people in need, hoping to put into active practice Christ's great commandment. "Love the Lord your God with all your heart and soul and mind and strength, and your neighbor as yourself."

The 40 participating churches and religious organizations of JCCM try to minister to others wherever they may be, but there are three locations where specific kinds of assistance are given. The main office is located in the Zion Episcopal Parish House at 221 E. Washington Street, Charles Town, where clients are interviewed and informed of our ability to help. Such help may be in the form of food, clothing, utility assistance, prescriptions, heating and cooking fuel, emergency shelter/rent, advice and referrals. Also at Zion is the Children's Clothing Closet. The Adult Clothing Closet is located across the street at the Charles Town Presbyterian Church and the Food Pantry is located at 230 N. Samuel Street. All of these locations are staffed by approximately 60 volunteers and one paid part-time executive director.

The officers, director and volunteers of Jefferson County Community Ministries, Inc., want the people of this county to know of our activities and to join us in caring and sharing with our less fortunate neighbors. For more information call 304-725-3186. Remember to designate the following:

#7993 - CFC of the National Capital Area.

#3500 - CFC of the Eastern Panhandle, W.Va.

#3357 - CFC of Western Maryland.

Jane A. Bowers

Executive Director

Jefferson County Ministries, Inc.

Charles Town, W.Va.

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