Mail Call for 10/16

October 16, 2000

Mail Call for 10/16

"I am surprised that I haven't seen anything in Mail Call about Mr. Maginnis' column last Sunday when he knocked Ed Forrest. Ed Forrest comes to us without an agenda. He is not worried about what is going to happen at his own school."

"I see in the paper where they are going to do a study about a bypass around Funkstown. About 25 to 30 years ago, they made a study about a bypass to the east or west of Mapleville on Md. 66. They projected that about 20,000 cars would come up out of South County to get onto Interstate 70. They had maps plastered all over the halls down in Boonsboro, they had meetings. They had 12 state roads representatives, engineers, a question and answer period. You name it, they found a lot of money. We still don't have a bypass around Mapleville. East or west."


"Pertaining to homework for students. I think the teachers are giving the students too much homework, especially in the elementary grades. When a child has approximately three hours of homework, that is entirely too much. They have activities in the evenings, such as attending their school sports, piano lessons and three hours of homework is just too much for a child to handle. My grandson has four different teachers in elementary school. He is getting homework by the carloads. That is just too much."

"All this stuff about Sheriff Mades wanting an increase because the groundskeeper at the golf course makes more money. Has anyone stopped to think that maybe the sheriff doesn't need an increase in pay, maybe the grounds keeper is overpaid?"


"I live on Lappans Road and I have plenty of black walnuts. My number is 301-432-5660."

"I just heard some disturbing news. That there might not be a Summer Fun Fest anymore. You know Hagerstown has a humongous place, which is our Hagerstown Fairgrounds. It could be held there. All we have to do is get the mayor behind us. Call him and let him know. We need it there. Don't have to have it in Pennsylvania, have it in Maryland."

"I wanted to say that the picture of the two girls skateboarding. I thought it was a very good picture to be in the paper. It wasn't meant to show safety."

"I think that any teachers or parents concerned about their kids having to go to school when their classrooms are 50 degrees, you should call in to the Board of Education."

"I want to wish my good friend, Melanie, a happy birthday on Oct. 15. Happy birthday, Moo Moo. Love, Regina."

"I want to congratulate my brother for graduating the Navy Academy in South Carolina three weeks ago."

"Would someone explain to me why our state roads would spend money to paint Route 66 between Boonsboro and U.S. 40? I just find it absolutely appalling that our fair state would go out and paint a road rather than fix it. We can spend money to have an operation come in and paint a road, cannot direct traffic to save their soul. They are more of a traffic nuisance and more bothersome and causing more of an uneasy atmosphere out there on the road that we don't need. We got sharp bends out here on the road that has never been repaired, it has been 30 years in the making to get Route 66 fixed. They haven't done anything because they can't get their superhighway passed. I think it is high time that we fix some of these roads out here, rather than just paint them to make them look better. These roads are not safe. I would like to know how much money the state of Maryland has paid in guardrails alone on Route 66 in a one-mile stretch. The number would be staggering, I am sure. It would probably be enough money to get a project like this started."

"In response to the person who said about the skateboard picture in the paper. Children are allowed to ride skateboards any way they want."

"I live on Md. 77 and I know that this particular turn is really bad and needs something done to it. I also know that in bad weather, people need to slow down. I am curious to know if anyone else that has had an accident, ever received a ticket or they were told that it was road conditions and didn't get a ticket. If anyone has had this happen, please answer in Mail Call."

"A lady down on San Mar Road has walnuts."

"I have plenty of walnuts, pretty walnuts. Call 301-416-8036."

"To the lady who wanted to know about Potomac Mills bus trip. Baer Express is going in November. Their number is 301-797-5277 and D.J. Tours from Waynesboro is also going in November. Their number is 1-717-749-5010."

"Can anyone tell me where I can get Cracker Barrel magazines or a phone number I can call?"

"Can any of you supermarkets or readers tell me if that in the Ready Made food section, is there anything to do with turnips, that is already made?"


"Guess what, people, on WJEJ from 7 to 8 p.m. every weekday, tune in. You will hear the big bands and the oldies, just like you heard on WWMD."

"When you come into Hagerstown, the sign at the golf course that says Hagerstown on it. It must be 50 years old. It is time that we put up something nice and attractive that you can see. It is also time to get rid of the weeds on Cleveland Avenue. Put up some nice flowers. You go through Virginia and West Virginia and you see nice flowers. It is a disgrace. This money we are spending, spend it on the prettier signs and the flowers. Don't let the weeds grow up."

"We want to wish our grandmother, Minnie Myers, a happy 98th birthday. Love, Brenda and Sid."

"I am responding to someone who left a message in Mail Call about a Potomac Mills bus trip. I am getting a bus together to go on Nov. 11. You can call me, my name is Jackie, until 4:30 Monday through Friday, 301-766-5106 or you can me anytime after 5 p.m. at 304-260-0255."

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