Letters to the Editor 10/16

October 16, 2000

Letters to the Editor 10/16

OPEC is robbing us blind

To the editor:

After listening to the president of Venezuela on the radio address his fellow OPEC members, one thing became very clear. They hate us so much they are willing to destroy our economy and standard of living just to prove they can do it. He made jokes about how we complain about having to pay $30 a barrel for oil and made ridiculous comparisons to sun tan oil costing $2,000 a barrel.

They are robbing us blind and we are supposed to go meekly to the gas pump and pay whatever they demand. And what do our great politicians do about it in this election year? They posture and rant about things that will do nothing to alleviate the situation. Meanwhile we merrily send our Alaska oil overseas instead of using it ourselves and ship jobs to Mexico and China and send disaster relief to those countries who spit on us every chance they get.


We have become the laughingstock of the world because our politicians are too spineless to take a stand to protect our interests abroad. It's time America took a good long look at the products we ship to these third rate countries that they can't do without and practice a little protectionism of our own. Maybe if they got a dose of their own medicine they wouldn't be so quick to use oil as a weapon against us.

Ted Mauritzen

Martinsburg, W.Va.

This can't be right

To the editor:

Now let me be sure I have this straight. Gov. Parris Glendening takes a trip to South Africa, Ghana and other African ports of call. His stated purpose: To tell the Africans about the "Smart Growth" program in Maryland.

Aside from the fact that the State of Maryland is paying for this jaunt, this trip affects, benefits, helps, improves the State of Maryland how?

Does South Africa even know or care that he's coming?

Do we really want people like this for our elected officials? Well, I guess somebody does, because those same somebodies keep electing them - and at every level of government. And isn't it odd that after the election, everybody voted for the other guy? Amazing!

Flo Stansbury


Administrators make their picks

To the editor:

The Retired School Administrators of Washington County have interviewed the eight candidates who are running for the Board of Education of Washington County in the November 2000 election.

As a group committed to quality public education in Washington County, we recognize the importance of having quality candidates who have the personal and professional skills to be successful members of the Board of Education. We also believe that the Board of Education members are the vital link in the oversight process of the educational system and the accompanying responsibility to the citizens of Washington County.

After interviewing the candidates and examining their qualifications, we are endorsing four candidates. They are: Edward Forrest, Roxanne Ober, Bernadette Wagner and Russell Williams.

We believe these candidates are well informed on local educational matters. Their professional background and life experience prepare them for this important responsibility.

We commend the four candidates for their commitment and dedication. They have worked endlessly to educate themselves on the major issues facing the school system. They have communicated with educators at all levels and have visited the schools to learn first-hand the concerns of administrators and teachers.

The endorsed candidates acknowledge the importance of education in preparing young people with the necessary skills for successful careers and responsible citizenship. They also recognize the valuable contribution that public education provides in developing a trained work force with the technical skills to meet the needs of a rapidly changing economy.

Our candidates understand the value of accountability throughout the educational process and the need for fiscal responsibility.

We invite the voters of Washington County to join us in supporting these candidates in the upcoming general election, Nov. 7.

Thank you for your interest in public education in Washington County.

Dan McElrath

Gerald G. Homes, on behalf of

Washington County Retired School Administrators

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