Big Sydney - You can call me anything but Al

October 13, 2000

Big Sydney - You can call me anything but Al

For the record, that was not me on the phone last week with this Al Ditzel guy, merely some impostor attempting to muddy my excellent name.

How dare he? Besides, everyone that knows me (all four of you) knows I would never make an A-ha reference.

Talking Heads, maybe. Kajagoogoo, absolutely. But A-ha? Crime in Italy!

And besides, anyone that reads this wonderful piece of literature on a weekly basis knows that I would never waste time talking with a guy that goes 3-9 - and still leads his picks pool.

Regardless, the faux caller had one thing right. Doing the picks this year has been one very big chore. I just can't believe it took me this long to figure out why.

Tonight is Friday the 13th. There is a full moon. My Ouija board is in the shop. The last one makes this a very bad combination.


It frittered out right about the time I needed the Clemson-Maryland pick for this week. Luckily, I know that Maryland hasn't scored a touchdown at Clemson since Bush's "Read my lips, no new touchdowns" speech.

Solar flares and the ellipse of Neptune come into play somewhere in all this. I'm as sure of it as Dan Spears is of his Redskins picks (for those of you not paying attention, he's picked against them EVERY time. What a moron. And this guy's third in the "Fearless Forecasters").

It's resulted in North and South Hagerstown tied for second in the M-val. Musselman on its first five-game losing streak since ... well, I can't remember anything that happened in 1966. Oh wait. I was in Bimini. I remember now.

It's given the road teams in the NFL more wins than the home teams. What in the name of Kingdome is going on?

Oh sure, a few things are still right in the world. The Bengals still stink. Nebraska is still good. Little chocolate donuts are still eaten by everyone.

This phone call thing bugs me, though. It really wasn't me.

I don't like Bow Wow Wow. I don't even like candy. Doritos, on the other hand ...

I would never call myself Betty. What kinda setup was that? All that for a line from a Paul Simon song.

I always thought The Fugitive was cool.

I said the Olympic thing three weeks ago.

But hey, at least he reads my stuff.

And he did have one thing right about me.

That hot dog sounded terrific.

On with the predictions. Last week 18-7 (.720). Season 100-47 (.680).


Middletown 19, North Hagerstown 12: Hubs feel Cross without starting QB.

South Hagerstown 14, Francis Scott Key 10: He's a Rebel and he'll be plenty, plenty good.

Walkersville 24, Brunswick 7: With that offense, it should be the Runnersville Lions.

Frederick 20, Westminster 14: Cadets making march to respectability.

Thomas Johnson 8, Linganore 7: Most Patriot games end in a TJ victory.

Moorefield 40, Berkeley Springs 7: Indians have less vs. Moorefield.

Keyser 30, Musselman 14: Golden Tornado can't blow playoff chance.

Allegany 28, Hedgesville 10: Friday will be a perfect night for Camping.

Fort Hill 21, Jefferson 19: Sentinels keep watch on Cougars' upset bid.

Martinsburg 35, Southern Garrett 21: Ram tough not enough vs. Bulldogs.

Big Spring 28, James Buchanan 15: Rockets get on the board, but not in the win column.

Greencastle 7, Northern 6: Devils' hot defense freezes once-beaten Polar Bears.

Carlisle 32, Waynesboro 16: Indians miss mark hunting this Thundering Herd.

Harrisburg 29, Chambersburg 10: Trojans left feeling blue at home.


Boonsboro 13, Catoctin 12: Cougars busted 20-point mark for first time last week. They go back under vs. Warriors.

Williamsport 20, Smithsburg 17: Wildcats don't have McDonald's service to go in this one.

St. James 25, Hancock 19: It's not Nov. 1, but it could be All Saints Day.

Mercersburg Academy 42, Hill School 24: Fields in full bloom for another win.


Clemson 50, Maryland 12: Terps can't show up late for the Dantzler.

Notre Dame 24, Navy 9: Irish run streak to 32 vs. Middies.

Shepherd 31, Fairmont 21: Homecoming at new Ram Stadium just like old place - another win.

Indiana, Pa. 28, Shippensburg 10: Ship can't sink another top opponent.

Brockport 37, Frostburg 17: Bobcats only worth silver medal vs. Golden Eagles.


Ravens 15, Redskins 14: No touchdowns, no problems for Blackbirds.

Steelers 24, Bengals 23: Pittsburgh irons out another problem vs. Cincy.

Eagles 31, Cardinals 20: Philly gets Amp-ed for woeful Arizona run defense.

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