letters to the editor 10/14/00

October 13, 2000

Letters to the Editor 10/14

I'm not against the environment

To the editor:

I would like to take this opportunity to respond to the recent environmental ranking that the League of Conservation Voters gave members of the Washington County Delegation.

This group has grossly distorted the facts and has failed to provide an accurate picture about several important environmental issues. Nowhere in their analysis do they mention one of my constituents' top environmental priorities. The citizens of Washington County have consistently told me that they are passionately committed to preserving open spaces and farmland in Washington County. Therefore, the members of your delegation have all worked very hard to provide $10.3 million in state funding to save over 16,000 acres of our precious land from development through the Rural Legacy program.

Along with several members of this delegation, I also fought to designate South Mountain as the state's first Civil War battlefield. This land has been recognized as one of the most threatened battlefields in the nation by development pressure. We have worked to preserve this land for future generations, to honor and protect the sacrifices of our ancestors.


The bills that the League of Conservation Voters selected were extremely detrimental to my constituents. What they failed to mention is that they supported a bill that would have forced my constituents to spend upwards of $14,000 to replace their septic systems with expensive and flawed new systems. This is the same group that has worked to force our county into the VEIP program, despite the fact that our air quality has been consistently cleaner than the rest of the state's. This group has also advocated putting our small farmers out of business by forcing them to comply with physteria regulations, despite the fact that voluntary nutrient reduction programs have worked very well. Clearly this group is out of step with the priorities of the citizens of this county.

Preserving the environment is very important to protecting our quality of life in Washington County. I am committed to preserving our open spaces and keeping our farmers viable into the next century. This can be achieved without heavy-handed, over-regulation from the government. The League of Conservation Voters is pushing a radical liberal agenda that the majority of my constituents simply do not support. As I have said many times before, I will not vote for legislation that hurts my constituents. It is their views that I care about and I vote accordingly.

Del. Christopher B. Shank

District 2-B


Thanks to all for a nice evening

To the editor:

The North Hagerstown High School class of 1980's 20th year reunion was held on Saturday, Aug. 12 at the Elks Club on Robinwood Drive.

I want to personally thank all who attended the reunion dinner and dance on Saturday evening.

In light of all I have been through the past nine months, battling cancer and adjusting to my handicap, I really enjoyed myself.

The tender understanding, kindness and love shared with me that evening is something that holds dear to my heart and will always be remembered.

Special thanks to Julie Spickler - Boggio, Robin Seibert-Vogel and Dale Boward. You made it a special evening for me. And thanks to the reunion committee. You made it a special evening to be remembered by all who attended.

Teresa Gearhart-Conrad


Trust Gore?

To the editor:

Al Gore's dishonesty is a serious matter. He doesn't just exaggerate the way many politicians do, he makes up outright lies. He tells so many, and he seems so bewildered by anyone calling him on it, that I wonder if he is out of touch with reality and believes his own tales.

When President Clinton lies, it's to protect himself. Gore lies almost randomly, about everything and anything, even when there's no point to it. His own staff has warned him about his problem many times, but he doesn't seem able to stop.

Can you imagine our country in a crisis, say a threat from a foreign country, and President Al Gore going on TV to reassure us? We wouldn't believe him. And when he responded to the foreign leader, that leader wouldn't believe him either. We could find our country in chaos and in peril with a president like that.

George W. Bush is criticized because he is not a fluent speaker. But I remember the Eisenhower administration, when the world was a very dangerous place, and the first Bush administration, when we fought a war. Both of those presidents often mangled the English language, but they had the credibility and leadership ability to take America safely through difficult times, with the full confidence of the people.

If we have to decide between a liar who speaks fluently, and an honest man who sometimes garbles his words, the choice is pretty clear, isn't it?

Judy Warner


Try Shepherdstown

To the editor:

For a very pleasant Sunday morning drive, try the farmers' market at Shepherdstown, W.Va. Gourmet and organic veggies are on display, including all shades and shapes of egg plant, superb flowers and homemade breads.

After leaving the farmers' market, stroll down the main street and side streets for a little old- time atmosphere.

Helen Tracy


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