thumbs up, thumbs down 10/14/00

October 13, 2000

Thumbs up, thumbs down 10/14

Thumbs up!To Hancock Mayor Daniel Murphy and his wife, Debbie, for the many hours of public service that won them honors as Washington County's Most Beautiful Citizens for 2000.

Thumbs up!To Craig Wibberley and Patrick Roy, the two Washington County natives who were the victims of a terrorist attack in Yemen this week. By all accounts, they were good people and outstanding sailors who'll be missed.

Thumbs up!To the workers of the Pangborn Corp. who were good citizens of Washington County for the past 85 years. Your tradition of producing quality products won't soon be forgotten.

Thumbs down!To the federal appeals court which threw out the long-standing rule that requires broadcasters to allow candidates who've been attacked on the air a chance to reply. What do the judges want - a one-sided Radio Moscow?


Thumbs up!To Mike Creek, a 19-year-old Funkstown dairy farmer who won honors as the Overall Champion Showman at the Maryland State Fair. His favorite cow is "Quail," a 4-year-old Ayrshire.

Thumbs up!To the Hagerstown City Council, for its decision to try an anti-cruising ordinance to let downtown residents get some peace and quiet. The ordinance has a two-year sunset provision, but that's plenty of time for a trial run.

Thumbs up!

To Hagerstown Councilman Lewis Metzner, for his push to set up a committee on how to build a Funkstown bypass. Working together is the only way to get this thing done.

Thumbs up!To the agents of Jack Gaughen Realtor, in Franklin County, Pa, who recently pledged $4,500 toward the county's new public safety training center, an amount their firm matched. Now that's what we call public-spirited.

Thumbs up!To Habitat for Humanity, for its innovative historical scavenger hunt, held last Sunday to raise money to help build shelter fo those who might otherwise not be able to have their own dwellings.

Thumbs down!To the person or persons who tore down a maple tree planted in honor of the late Harry Zeigler ofd Greencastle, Pa. , who died after a 1942 attack on his ship during the battle of Coral Sea. You deserve to be torn down, too.

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