Mail Call for 10/9

October 09, 2000

Mail Call for 10/9

"In response to the person who said in Mail Call about the freeloaders. If you would have a little compassion for the senior citizens who could not get out and help a little. If you would help a little yourself, you wouldn't have time to criticize someone who does help. Then we wouldn't need food drives."


"I am calling to find out if anyone knows about the marriage licenses being in the paper for September? Can you let me know when and what page?"

Editor's note Marriage licenses appeared in the Monday, Sept. 18 edition of The Daily Mail on Page A9.

"I urge everyone who likes to hunt, target shoot, a gun collector or keeps a weapon for personal protection, to register in the upcoming election. Regardless of party affiliation, please vote for the candidate that will protect your Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms. If you can't trust them to do that, what can you trust them with? Those candidates that are for licensing and registration of firearms, are really for confiscation of all your weapons. If you think that can't happen, look at what happened in England, Canada and Australia, those citizens didn't think so either."


-Clear Spring

"Way to go South High junior varsity. When the going gets tough, the tough get going. Great job guys."

"I am responding to the person in Keedysville about the black walnuts. They said that we could leave our number or whatever in Mail Call. My number is 301-223-4243. We are interested in the black walnuts you were talking about."

"In response to the article in the paper that Paul Swartz wrote. He has been trying to ram this stadium down our throats. I just can't wait until the next election."

"I am calling about the person who said about the dress codes for the teachers. I don't think it should matter as long as my child is getting the education."

"We appreciate our paper carrier in the Cedar Lawn area and it was very nice that he put something in thanking his customers. The customers also thank him, he has done a very nice job."

"I am calling in reference to the person who said that teachers need a dress code in Washington County. I think that the students need a dress code in Washington County. Have you ever seen what some of these kids look like? I believe that most of the teachers that I have ever seen look very professional. If you think they need a dress code, then why don't they get a raise so they can buy better clothes because Washington County is the lowest paying county in this area."

"I want to wish Butch a happy birthday. From Linda."

"I go past the gentleman that is painting roses for Wild Mary on Elgin Boulevard. Good job, it is really looking good."


"To the person inquiring about truck weight limit signs posted in the Oak Ridge Drive area. Please contact the Washington County Public Works Director's office at 301-791-3398 and explain your situation and we will try to help you."

"Is there anyone in the area going to the Benningham Crusade on Nov. 2 and 3 in Hampton, Va.? Please leave your number in the paper so I can contact you."

"I have been a resident of Hagerstown for 75 years in the East End of town. I love it very much, but in the recent weeks and months I have seen the lack of law enforcement. Moving violations, one light out, mufflers, feet out the window, screaming, exceeding the speed limit, you name it. Moving violations are not being controlled at all in Hagerstown. Just come over between the block of Cannon Avenue and Cleveland Avenue on Jefferson Boulevard. They average between 50 mph or better. Law enforcement is being relaxed. I don't see them out cruising or even riding the bikes."

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