Funkstown Town Council, Oct. 9

October 09, 2000

Funkstown Town Council, Oct. 9

Funkstown briefs

FUNKSTOWN - Assistant Mayor Paul N. Crampton Jr. said Monday that the town should start planning to refurbish the second-floor room at Town Hall.

The room is used if a big crowd comes to a town meeting, such as when a proposed Super Wal-Mart was discussed last month.

However, the room needs some repairs and it is not accessible to the handicapped, Crampton said. Mayor Robert L. Kline said the floor needs to be redone, the walls need to be painted and the radiators should be replaced.

No money is budgeted for the project yet. The town will probably look for grant money for it, Town Clerk Brenda Haynes said at Monday's monthly town meeting.


FUNKSTOWN - The Town Council voted Monday not to give any money to Community Rescue Service, the ambulance company serving most of Hagerstown and some of the surrounding area.

Although CRS is "really hurting" for money, Mayor Robert L. Kline said, giving money to CRS would set a precedent for other charities to seek funding.

"In all fairness, we do support our local fire company," said Councilwoman Sharon Chirgott.

FUNKSTOWN - The town's 2001 Civil War reenactment will be held June 8, 9 and 10, the Town Council heard Monday.

Mayor Robert L. Kline said the 2000 reenactment was the eighth held.

FUNKSTOWN - Local police may be asked to enforce the weight limit at the one-lane bridge over Antietam Creek, Town Council members said Monday.

"We've got to get the big trucks off," resident George Wheelock said.

Assistant Mayor Paul N. Crampton Jr. suggested having police bring scales to the bridge to check the weight of trucks passing over it.

FUNKSTOWN - The town should consider condemning a vacant house on Poplar Street, Assistant Mayor Paul N. Crampton Jr. said Monday.

"It couldn't hurt to check into it," he said.

Mayor Robert L. Kline said the owner of the house died and it has not been cleaned up. "It's a mess," Kline said.

FUNKSTOWN - Children in Halloween costumes will parade through the town on Oct. 26, starting at 6:30 p.m., the Town Council heard Monday.

Mayor Robert L. Kline said the parade will wind up at the American Legion hall, where awards will be given out.

FUNKSTOWN - The Maryland State Highway Administration will improve the intersection of Baltimore Street and West Side Avenue, Mayor Robert L. Kline said Monday.

The work has been considered as part of a proposed Super Wal-Mart, but it is needed even if the store will not be built, he said.

Kline said the state assured him that the work will be done, although the exact improvements haven't been decided.

Kline said he has pushed for improvements near the fire hall for about four years.

FUNKSTOWN - The Town Council voted Monday to pay $26,367.89 to cover its September bills. The expenses include utilities, street lights and pest control.

- Andrew Schotz

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