Letters to the Editor 10/3

October 04, 2000

Letters to the Editor 10/3

Have some respect for the elderly

To the editor:

I'm 84 years old, a widow and I've led a pretty active life. A lot of my time has been spent trying to help children and older people. Fortunately, my health is still pretty good and I would like to continue helping others as long as I possibly can. It makes life worth living.

But recently I was deeply hurt by some cruel and heartless comments. I was basically told that in my 84th year, I'm "too old, can't see and can't get around." At this time I was doing volunteer work two days a week. Like all of us, I have suffered my share of disappointments over the years but this knife was one of the most painful and hurt me beyond words my limited vocabulary could describe.

I'm hearing more and more in the news how older people in our country are being discriminated against at all levels of society. I think it's a shame that senior citizens who still have something to offer and have been through so much are considered by some to be worthless and deserving of little, if any respect. It is as if our opinions, desire to help others and, may I say our love, is not even worthy of acknowledgement. The sting of hurtful comments is all the greater when it comes from those you would least expect to say such destructive and upsetting things.


As you can see, I have recently been cut to the soul by rude and cruel remarks. But I thank God for the 84 years he has given me life and the desire to do what I can to make a positive difference in the lives of others. And no, this experience will not stop me from doing what I can as time marches on. But I would like everyone who deals with our elderly citizens to please consider how much it means to us to be treated kindly and with at least a little respect. It costs nothing and can really "make our day."

There are enough stiff-necked, mean and negative people in the world now and we need as many kind and considerate folks around as possible to offset the damage they do. Give us a chance to do what we can. Our eyes may be a little dim and we may not be able to move around too fast but we must be doing something right to have lasted this long. Perhaps we've gathered a little wisdom along the way?

Perhaps our experience can even help you. All we ask is that you treat us as you would like to be treated, just as the Bible says. Is that too much to ask?

Lena Dinterman


Mountain Music is a big hit

To the editor:

Once again the "Music in the Mountains" summer military band concerts series has come and gone. And once again the crowds have confirmed by their huge size and applause that we have heard some of the most talented musicians in the United States.

Our appreciation goes out to the members of The U.S. Air Force Silver Wings, The U.S. Army Blues Jazz Ensemble, The U.S. Army Concert Band and Chorus and The U.S. Navy Band and Sea Chanters for their magnificent performances. It just does not get any better. A special pat on the back goes to all the sponsors without whose help the concerts would not have been possible. Your support for this event has earned you respect and patronage from the community.

We want to express our sincerest appreciation to the various newspapers, radio public service announcements and the local TV stations for the continued coverage of the events all year. We are especially grateful to all the workers of the National Park Service whose backbreaking efforts, in times of extreme heat and short time lines, could always be counted on. Most of all we want to recognize you the members of the community, who brought the handicapped, who refreshed themselves in the remembrance of their military service, or to those who just wanted to hear wonderful music. We are grateful to you all for your attendance and support at this year's "Music In The Mountains."

We have now entertained more than 30,000 citizens over the past four years with music and songs that enrich and remind us of what a great place we have called America. See you next year, for our fifth season of more "Music In The Mountains" summer military band concert series.

We honor all who served.

Donald C. Snyder

Harpers Ferry/Bolivar

District Veterans Members Commander

Harpers Ferry, W.Va.

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