Time running out for Clear Spring filings

October 01, 2000

Time running out for Clear Spring filings

CLEAR SPRING - With time running out at 9 tonight, only one of the two incumbents for vice mayor and one council seat has officially filed for re-election.

Current vice mayor/sewer commissioner Julie Albowicz, 53, is seeking a new two-year term. During her current term, a major sewer line inspection/repair project was undertaken and completed.

But her husband, former mayor and longtime council member Bill Albowicz, is feeling the pressure of an upcoming overhaul of the town's water supply and isn't planning to file for re-election.

Still the 58-year-old liquor store owner said if no one else files, he will be willing to serve again. "If someone wants to write my name in, then okay."


What Bill Albowicz is facing as water commissioner is a town reservoir system which he says is in disarray.

"We're running on two wells now," he said. The town has four wells but state inspectors said the other two had to be shut down earlier this year because of poor quality.

Bill Albowicz said coordinating efforts to erect a pre-treated water storage tower at the site of the present reservoir will be a big responsibility and will take a lot of time for the town's water commissioner.

Nominations will be accepted at the Clear Spring Town Hall for both offices until 9 tonight.

Candidates for both positions must have resided in the town for at least two years immediately preceding the election and must be qualified voters of the town, according to the town charter.

Two years ago, the Albowiczes ran unopposed and were elected to additional two-year terms.

To vote in the Clear Spring election, voters must only be able to prove they live within the town limits.

Both the vice mayor and the council members must maintain a permanent residence in the town during their two-year terms.

The vice mayor must be at least 21 years old, according to the town charter.

The town election will be held Monday, Nov. 6, from 2 to 7 p.m. at Clear Spring Town Hall.

The polling place for the presidential election on Tuesday, Nov. 7, is at Clear Spring Elementary School. The hours there are 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. for officially registered Washington County voters.

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