Volleyball notes - Cadets hit TJ's bullseye

September 28, 2000

Volleyball notes - Cadets hit TJ's bullseye

The No. 4 Thomas Johnson Patriots made themselves a target this season for their foes in the Central Maryland Conference.

They even went as far as putting a big one on the front of their warmup shirts.

It's just that not many expected Frederick find that target first this season.

"We lost six seniors, and we wanted these girls to know ... that we still expect to win," TJ coach Jim Dorsch said. "Everybody is after us now."

But Frederick? Yes, the Cadets had played everyone tough this season, but couldn't win - until a week ago.

The enthusiasm from that win spread into Tuesday, as players dove everywhere for shots that seemed headed for the floor. Frederick got three kills from their hustle alone, as lunging digs went over the net untouched by the Patriots defense.

"We've been working on that," Frederick coach Brendan Hedges said. "It's not unexpected for us to be doing those things."


TJ found that out the hard way.

"Like I told the girls afterward, it's not the end of the world, it's just one game," Dorsch said. "We'll see how we come back."

And Frederick is interested in seeing how it will continue.

"Hopefully, we can keep this going," senior hitter Ashley Bush said. "I don't think losing here is as big a deal, just because we always kept doing it. Now, all we have to look forward to is the future."

* Viva Las Vegas

A 2-5 record after a near-cross country flight wouldn't seem to be the best recipe for a positive attitude, but No. 2 Chambersburg found plenty of happy returns from the Maui-Life Durango Classic in Nevada last weekend playing against four teams ranked in the top 50 in the U.S.

"Every match was like a state finals. The talent was unbelievable," Trojans coach Ty Frelin said. "All 16 teams were awesome."

Chambersburg went 0-3 in its pool, but rallied for a 2-2 split in Saturday's competition round, including two wins in a row against teams from California. Its first loss Saturday took 1 hour and 20 minutes despite only going two games.

"I think we just wanted to prove to ourselves that we could be here and we belonged here," Frelin said. "In that first game, we got down 8-0, but it wasn't a bad 8-0. We were siding out and playing OK, but we didn't have any points. I think we thought we might embarrass ourselves.

"But they bounced back, started to gain some confidence and played real well on Saturday."

Now the question is, does all this competiton translate into a return trip to the state tournament six weeks from now?

"That's what we went for ... we went out to see if we have what it takes to reach some of our goals," Frelin said. "I think we do."

* Coming up

Two of the Tri-State's better rivalries hit the court early next week. Monday, it's round one of the No. 1 Smithsburg-No. 3 Williamsport home-and-home series at Smithsburg. This match won't count in the MVAL standings, but both teams are still undefeated.

Then on Tuesday, it's No. 7 Waynesboro at No. 2 Chambersburg in their second meeting in the Mid Penn Commonwealth. The Trojans won round one on the road.

This week's notebook was compiled by staff writer Dan Spears.

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