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Letters to the Editor 9/23

September 22, 2000

Letters to the Editor 9/23

Jews for guns

To the editor:

A letter from Eugene "Buddie" Morris of Aug. 25 said, "Hitler took all the guns away from the German people...There are people in this country who want to do what Hitler did."

Morris will be pleased to know that there is an organization working to educate Americans about the connection between gun control and genocide.

Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership is open to all. Their Web site is and the address is P.O. Box 270143, Hartford, WI 53027, phone 262-673-9746.


Membership is only $20 per year.

JPFO is a far better choice for defending freedom than the NRA. While NRA has been infiltrated, neutralized, corrupted and used to support gun laws, JPFO has remained true to its principles.

Doug Delmont

Waynesboro, Pa.

Bush friendly to coal industry

To the editor:

I hope West Virginia Democrats will look beyond party labels this election and vote for the right man to lead America. If Democrats vote for Al Gore, they will be inflicting major damage onto their state of West Virginia. Al Gore's environmental policies are already wreaking havoc on our coal and steel industries and only unless we change the White House with George W. Bush, will we have a chance to save our state's economy.

This is not a scare tactic it is a real threat. Just ask the men and women at Dal-Tex Mining in Logan County who lost their jobs because of Clinton-Gore crackdown on the surface mining industry. Just ask the unemployed steel workers at Weirton Steel or American Alloys in Mason County who lost their jobs because Clinton-Gore refused to enforce trade laws with China, Korea and Japan.

West Virginia's economy is in grave peril if Gore gets elected. This is a man who believes the automobile should be banned because it causes too much pollution. This is a man who believes spotted owls and snails have more rights than a man who has to put food on his table for his family. This is a man who has been endorsed by every extreme environmental group in America. He will owe them big time when it is over just like Bill Clinton owed homosexuals after he got elected in 1992.

Danica Hand

Triadelphia, W.Va.

The music's gone

To the editor:

What a shock to discover that the sale of WWMD brought an end to the easy listening sounds on the radio dial!

When WGAY in Silver Spring changed format a few years ago, WWMD stood alone in providing Tri-State listeners with generous blocks of instrumental favorites.

These were set off by news, wonderfully homespun commercials and mellifluously delivered weather forecasts for the Cumberland and Shenandoah Valleys.

How many I-81 road-rage incidents were prevented because drivers were soothed by WWMD? How much daily drudgery at home or at work was eased by music from WWMD? Those figures are not available, but there's one teen-ager who in her early years would go to bed only if the "soft music" of WWMD were set on her radio.

Will another station feel a responsibility to the community now abandoned by WWMD and provide welcome music to our ears?

George Stebbins

Bakerton, W.Va.

Not all tots ready for full-day school

To the editor:

There is a major issue within our Washington County Schools which needs to be debated by the community. The Washington County School Board is developing plans to begin full-day kindergarten county wide in August of 2001 (one year away). I don't feel the community has been asked if this is sound educationally.

At first glance you might say what is there to question? A full day would certainly be better than a half day. I say not so fast. Are we really sure 4-year-olds can handle a full day? Of course some would be able. However I believe the majority are not ready.

I have spoken to a number of kindergarten teachers in the Washington County school system who believe firmly the majority of kindergarteners are not ready for full day.

They have told me most of their students do not know how to write their name or know their colors.

The development of children is a process that is largely dependent on the development of the brain. I do not believe we should force children to attempt functions until the brain has been allowed to develop to perform those functions.

I must close by stating this move to all day has been pushed by one person - Herman Bartlett Superintendent of Schools.

Meredith Fouche


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