Questionnaires mailed to CLUE II participants

September 21, 2000

Questionnaires mailed to CLUE II participants

CLUE II participants who have not returned their Johns Hopkins survey are asked to mail them to Completed surveys can be mailed to the Johns Hopkins School of Hygiene and Public Health, P.O. Box 2067, Hagerstown, MD 21742.

CLUE II participants who did not receive a survey can call, 301-797-7677.


In an effort to find more clues to the causes of cancer, John Hopkins Research Center is looking for members of its CLUE II study.

In 1989, the center collected blood and toenail samples from 32,898 area residents.

Researchers recently mailed out 20,000 questionnaires to CLUE II participants. So far, 10,000 have been returned. The hope is for a 70 percent return rate, said Program Director Sandra Hoffman.

"The more returns we have the more valuable the research," she said.

People knowing of decreased CLUE II participants are asked to call the office.


Since the first CLUE study in 1974, Johns Hopkins researchers have developed more than 50 studies based on information from CLUE participants.

Current research activities include looking at the association between the exposure to pesticides and the development of prostate cancer and whether selenium and vitamin E can protect against prostate cancer.

Previous research showed that those who eat a diet high in fruits and vegetables can lower the risk for some cancers, Hoffman said.

Questions on the current survey include what medications the CLUE II participants are taking, whether they have been diagnosed with cancer, and whether they have used tobacco or tobacco cessation products, Hoffman said.

This is the third survey of CLUE II participants.

A survey of CLUE I and CLUE II participants also is planned, Hoffman said.

Tentatively titled " Odyssey," this survey is intended to help researches identify genetic markers that lead to certain cancers, as well as factors that affect longevity.

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